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Review - Nacho Figueras Presents: High Season by Jessica Whitman

Nacho Figueras Presents:
High Season
by Jessica Whitman
Series: The Polo Season Series, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2016

After his partner was murdered, Simon Dunn was done with MI6. But the cold, violent world of British intelligence never lets anyone go free. Now Simon has been blackmailed into a new job...with a beautiful new partner who's going to get them both killed.

Robotics expert Cassie Watson is a newbie field agent with as much sophistication as...well, a pacifist, vegan computer nerd. Now she's abruptly thrust into the cutthroat world of espionage with a partner who is as cold as he is brutally—and brutishly—handsome.

But when their mission is betrayed from the inside, Cassie will be forced to place her life in the hands of the one man who's anything but trustworthy...

World-renowned polo player and global face of Ralph Lauren, Nacho Figueras dives into the world of scandal and seduction with a new fiction series set in the glamorous, treacherous world of high-stakes polo competition.

Georgia never wanted to be a jetsetter. A plain old country vet was fine for her. But one distress call from her best friend and the next thing she knows she's neck deep in the world of polo's most elite international players--complete with designer dresses, fine champagne and some of the most gorgeous thoroughbreds she's ever seen. Some of the most gorgeous men too...

Alejandro Del Campo needs his team to win the season's biggest polo tournament or else he's not sure how much longer they're going to be in business. What he doesn't need is some sassy new vet telling him how to run his business--and distracting him at every turn. But as they come closer and closer to the championship match, it soon becomes clear that Alejandro wants to win Georgia just as much as the tourney trophy. But can he ever convince her his world is where she truly belongs?

A fun read that had me finishing the book in one sitting! I just loved the characters, the polo world was fascinating, and the story had a wonderful pace – which is why I never put the book down once I started it!

Georgia and Alejandro were such great characters. Georgia is down to earth and real, definitely not someone who comes from money or privilege, but can hold her own around both. Alejandro is broody, moody, and seems to have forgotten what it is to have fun. He’s still reeling from the loss of his wife and is buried under the responsibility of running the family business now that his father has passed. Even though both Georgia and Alejandro fight the attraction between them, you just know that some things can’t be denied…and it was so much fun watching Alejandro lose his cool when it came to Georgia. I also loved that Georgia always seemed to know what Alejandro needed…and how he could never quite seem to resist her.
     “What do you think you’re doing?” said Alejandro.
     She rapidly blinked her hazel eyes, all innocence. “What do you mean?”
     “I mean, why in the hell are you bargaining for a horse that I do not want?”
     “Because you need her.”
     “No, I definitely do not need her.”
     She put her hand on his arm and looked up at him, beseeching. “Temper needs her.”
     He rolled his eyes. “Temper will get over her. Have you seen my horses? They are beautiful. He will fall in love with another mare.”
     She glowered at him. “But then Sugar will end up as dog food!”
     He sighed, exasperated. “That is very sad, indeed. But I am still not buying that mare.”
     She got a dogged look on her face. “Fine. Then I will buy that mare. And I will give her to you as a gift.”
     He laughed. “Are you crazy? Do you even have five thousand dollars?”
     She jutted out her chin. “Well, no, actually. But I will. Because you are paying me a lot of money, remember?”
     “Yes, but I haven’t paid you yet.”
     “You can dock me.”
     “You are actually serious? You want to buy me that horse?”
     “Dead serious. I will absolutely buy you that horse…if you will loan me the money to do so.”
     He looked at her. Her pretty face was flushed, her curls were even more askew than usual, her little nose crinkled…
     He threw up his hands and laughed. “Fine. Fine! I will buy that ugly pony! I will buy the nag for Temper. And for you, Doctora. But you have to let me negotiate the price. She is definitely not worth five thousand dollars.”
I also loved the other characters in this book. The entire Del Campo family was great and I’m looking forward to both Sebastian’s and Antonia’s book to find out more about them. The other supporting characters added a lot of depth and color to the story, from Georgia’s best friend Billy and his boyfriend Beau, to Alejandro’s mother, and of course the mean rich girl Cricket who wants Alejandro for herself. All of these characters and the few plot turns/twists really helped to shape Georgia and Alejandro’s story.

Overall this was a great read that I really enjoyed – perfect for a day at the beach or a rainy day!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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