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Review - Fatal Vision by Misty Evans

Fatal Vision
by Misty Evans
Series: Shadow Force International, #5
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 9, 2017

The gunshot that nearly killed her brought her husband back.

FBI agent Shelby Claiborne was closing in on a serial killer when she was shot and left in a coma. Almost fully recovered, she still can’t remember what she discovered that day that put her in the killer’s crosshairs. The only man who can answer her questions is her sexy, renegade ex-husband.

No one hurts his family and gets away with it.

Former SEAL Colton Bells never thought he’d see Shelby again, much less become her bodyguard. His feisty ex-wife is smack in the middle of an investigation that points to him as a murderer. Meanwhile, the real killer is still out there, waiting…and watching.

To stop a killer, they must take the law into their own hands.

When reignited passions clash with their investigation, the two discover a mastermind who surpasses their darkest fears. Can Colton keep Shelby alive, or will he put them both in the crossfire and lose her forever?

Whenever I pick up a Misty Evans book I know I’m in for a good time. She knows how to bring both the suspense and romance and make you feel like you’re right there with the characters – on the edge of your seat waiting for the next plot twist or sighing as her characters bring the romance and heat.
“You’re the oxygen in the air I breath, Shel,” he muttered low and soft. “The blood running in my veins. There’s never been anyone else for me.”
I do love a good second chance romance and Colton and Shelby didn’t disappoint. When Colton gets a message from his ex-wife that she needs him he doesn’t think twice – he hops in his truck and drives all night to find out how he can help. Shelby is still recovering from being shot and still has some memory issues, but she knows that Colton is the key to helping her remember the details of the serial killer investigation she was working. And luckily for Shelby, Colton isn’t only the key to her memories, he’s also the key to keeping her safe when she finds herself in the cross-hairs once again.

Watching Colton and Shelby find their way back to each other was so satisfying. There was a bit of a mystery around why these two separated in the first place and I love how that was woven into the story. Not only were these two dealing with issues surrounding their divorce, they also had to face Shelby’s father who never approved of Colton, a serial killer out for revenge, and all the issues surrounding Shelby’s injury.

One of my favorite things about Evans’ writing is her dialogue. She always brings a realness to every conversation and allows you feel the emotion of the characters. I really loved how she handled Shelby’s character, adding a bit of humor to things without minimizing the seriousness of her injuries.
A lot of things weren’t working the way she wanted. Things like her coordination, her balance.

My brain.

Sweat trickled down her temple as she gripped the walker with both hands and sent another message to her right leg. She had ten feet of Therapy Alley in front of her, and by God, she was going to get down this ugly runway come hell or high water.

Determination screamed through her veins. Everything in her body tightened. Lift…shift…move…

“Rabbit tits!” she yelled. Her damn leg was still in the exact same place.

Heads swung her way, some surprised, others snickering. Her therapist, Alicia, looked up from where she crouched beside Shelby’s uncooperative leg.

“Rabbit tits, huh?” Alicia gripped Shelby’s ankle and moved her foot into the right spot. “That’s a new one.”

“I meant…” Donkey balls, but she couldn’t form the words. They were right there in her head, but somewhere between her injured brain and her mouth, what came out was…”Cotton dicks.”

Cotton dicks? Well, at least dicks and balls were in the same general vicinity, anatomically speaking.
The suspense and action were plentiful, and even though I had an idea who the bad guy was early on, there were so many little twists and interrelated plot points that the story kept moving and didn’t slow down at all.

And I can’t forget Salisbury, the dog that Colton was taking care of when he gets the call to go to Shelby. I’m always a sucker for stories with pets, and Salisbury was a great addition to this book.

As usual, Evans weaves in other characters from the previous books which gives a sense of continuity to the series. The bonds that the characters have with one another create additional depth and emotion in the story. And even though my favorite character, B, doesn’t have a huge role in this one, it’s always fun to see what role she does play and watch her mind work!

This can easily be read as a standalone, but I guarantee that you’ll want to learn more about the other characters once you meet them. Whether you are romance fan or love books with great plot twists, action, and suspense, this series is one I would highly recommend.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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