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Magick's Pathway by Lauren Marie @HallerLake11 - New Release + Giveaway @MoBPromos

Magick's Pathway
by Lauren Marie
Series: Haller Lake, #2
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 12, 2017

Kris Bennett-Lake’s world, after a year, isn’t what she’d have thought it would be. She’s married, with a three month old baby and magical powers wanted by evil demons, a ghost and an Oracle.

Garda, the puppet master, has watched Kris for the right time to take her abilities and turn her to the dark side. He has a plan for her and brings his son, Guillermo, into the mix.

Kris is thrown into a maelstrom, from being chained in a dungeon for eight years to making an illegal poison, White Dagger and after a vision that matches her with Guillermo is desperate to keep her husband, Roman, and son, Otter, safe. Will she accept her power and take her place in fighting evil or will she turn her back on the magick’s and take another offer sending her to a different realm and another life? Will she be strong enough to save her family and the world where she exists?

Roman went to the door and opened it. Lorrie smiled up at him. “Hello, Lakeman.”

“Roman, it’s not Lorrie.” Kris moved toward the crib, picked up Otter and held him tight.

“Rochelle?” Roman said and closed the door a little.

“How’d you guess?” she asked.

“You have no aura or light of any kind.”

“Very good, you’re smarter than I thought. Because of your protection spell, I cannot enter. I’m here to give you a warning.” She smiled again, and looked at Kris and the baby. “Cute kid, sorry we missed the birth.” She looked back up at Roman. “Since you saved me from Meshach last year, I believe I owe you. This will make us even.”‘

“I didn’t save you, Rochelle. Kris did all the talking,” Roman corrected her.


“Well, what have you to say?” Roman asked.

“There is an evil heading this way,” she stated.

“We’ve been told this from our own sources.”

“It’s Pelonus. He’s very dangerous and will be more difficult to overcome than the last three. He has a multitude of minions and you are being watched. His spies are everywhere.”

Also in the Series

Book 1: A Demon Scheme

Lauren Marie’s first published series - The Men of Haller Lake - originally came out in 2010. She’s learned so much over the last seven years and it’s been a dream to get the stories re-edited and problems with point of view corrected. With Books to Go, Now’s help the dream has become a reality with the release of A Demon’s Scheme - Book 1 of the Haller Lake series.

She is also the author of Big Mike-Little, Golden Ribbons - story 4 of the Miss Demeanor Private Detective Agency series, I’m Not What You Think, Love’s Embers - book 1 of the Canon City Series, Love on Ice - book 2 of the Canon City Series, One Touch at Cob’s Bar and Grill - story 3 of the Montana Ranch Series, Love’s Touch - Then and Now, Going to Another Place.

She lives in Western Washington State with four cats, Agamemnon, Tazmania, Jericho and Jasper.

Lauren likes to receive feedback. If you want to send her likes and dislikes, you can go to the contact us page on the web-site or write to her at or friend her at She does respond to feedback.

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