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Review - Getting Hot with the Scot by Melonie Johnson

Getting Hot with the Scot
by Melonie Johnson
Series: Sometimes In Love, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2019

The first in a new series, a journalist focused on her career and a sexy Scottish comedian turn a one night stand into forever.

Cassie Crow leaves for vacation with two goals: fill up her empty charm bracelet and have a one night stand. For once, she wants to have fun instead of obsessively checking her work email. And kissing a man in a castle who’s dressed as a Scottish Highlander is the perfect solution.

Except when that man turns out to be Logan Reid, the host of a popular sketch show—and Cassie has just been roped into his latest prank. She wants nothing to do with his antics, but that was a really great kiss, and one night together couldn’t hurt.

It’s clear that one night isn’t enough and when Logan’s show brings him closer to Cassie, they decide to give dating a try. Can the woman who’s focused solely on her career and the man who refuses to take life seriously make it work?

Steamy, sexy vacation fling? Yes, please! Getting Hot with the Scot was a fun read that left me wanting to hop on a plane and find me my own kilted vacation souvenir!

Logan was all sorts of fun but it’s so obvious that he uses his humor as a bit of a shield to keep things light and not let people in. He’s got some heavy baggage that he’s holding onto and at points I wasn’t sure if Cassie would be able to work her way fully into his heart. Cassie was so much more than the “vacation fling” girl we were introduced to in the beginning of the book. She’s got a career that poised to take off and she’s got a heart of gold. These two had so many things to work through – from the opening prank to commitment issues - and I just loved watching these to find themselves and then each other as they finally realized what their relationship was.

My favorite part of this book was Cassie’s friends that she traveled with. They were so much fun and had me wishing I could join the group and have some adventures with them. They always had each other’s backs and I loved how they encouraged Cassie when she needed a push to let herself go and have some fun. Their antics when it came to the opposite sex had me laughing out loud, and Sadie and Ana were such a hoot! And Logan’s friend Theo was such a great wingman – and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him and Cassie’s best friend Bonnie in the next book.
“Praise Jesus,” Sadie exhaled, raising her palms to the rafters.

Bonnie’s forehead puckered. “I thought you were Jewish.”

“She is.” Ana smirked. “But she goes all holy roller when she’s horny.”

Sadie smacked Ana with her purse.


“You had it coming for that pinch.” Sadie waggled her fingers toward a kilted duo standing at a high pub table, one fair-haired and the other dark, a matching pair to her and Ana’s coloring. “Now, what do you say we find out what religion those two are?”
With a well-developed plot and some really great characters that worked together to tell Logan and Cassie’s story, I am very impressed with this author’s debut! There were a couple of spots that did slow down just a bit for me since there was a bit of world-building that needed to happen to set up the next books in the series, but overall this was a well-written book that was light and fun but also had moments that had me feeling some serious emotions right along with the characters.

This is definitely one to add to your TBR shelf!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book provided by the publisher on NetGalley.

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