Thursday, August 1, 2019

Review - Devlin by Barbara Freethy

by Barbara Freethy
Series: 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 1, 2019

As the second Blackthorne son, Devlin usually likes to stay out of the family drama, but with his family suddenly falling apart, he has one way to bring them back together. He wants to win the Southern Maine Sailing Invitational, like his father and uncle before him. He has built the fastest boat, he has planned for every contingency, except one…a beautiful blonde determined to beat him and avenge a family betrayal.

Hannah Reid is tired of watching the Blackthornes win races on boats built by her dad, especially after the family patriarch fired her father. She has only one way to get revenge, win the race. Unfortunately, Devlin Blackthorne is standing in her way. She wants to hate him, but Devlin’s love of the sea and brave, adventurous spirit mirrors her own, and she begins to realize that this sexy, charming man is hurting, too.

As they race to the finish, battling not only betrayal, but also strong winds and unexpected storms, Hannah and Devlin wonder if winning each other wouldn’t be the greatest win of all…

Wow – what a way to kick off this new series and set the stage for the other books. The family dynamic and drama that unfolded in the first chapter alone has left me anxious to get my hands on all the books in this series.

This book focuses on Devlin and Hannah and even though Hannah wants this to be an enemies to lovers story, she can never quite bring herself to hate Devlin because he is really such a great guy. These two are both at a crossroads in their their lives, and luckily for them, fate has put them together in time for them to find their future together – even though neither one will admit to wanting anything more than a short-term fling, and it was even hard for them to get to that point! They both have issues with their families, and I loved getting to see both characters interact with each of their families. There’s some great history between Devlin and Hannah’s fathers that serves as a wonderful backdrop to their story. As far as chemistry, even the characters couldn’t deny it – it just took them a bit to agree to act on it any further than a few kisses…but so worth the wait!
“…I may be a Blackthorne, Hannah, but I’m also me. I’m my own man. I’d prefer to be judged by what I do and not by what my family does.”

“That’s fair. I do recognize you’re an individual, Devlin.”

“Good. Because when I kiss you again, I want you to know who you’re kissing.”

A shiver ran through her, not only at his words, but also the look in his eyes. “I didn’t say you could kiss me again.”

And suddenly the Devlin grin was back. “You didn’t say I couldn’t. Last chance.”
Barbara Freethy has such a wonderful way with words and it’s so easy to be captivated by her stories. This was an easy read that still had tons of emotion and heart with the perfect mix of drama and romance to kick this series off properly. She artfully wove in the backstory for the rest of the Blackthornes and sets up a bit of mystery that I am guessing will be carried throughout the series.

This is definitely a book and series that deserves a place on everyone’s TBR shelf!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the Author.

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