Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review - Tropical Exposure by Wynter Daniels

Megastar Marin Shay disappears from the radar a few weeks a year for a vacation from the pressures of Hollywood. This time, though, instead of the usual bodyguards she gets stuck with—beefy middle-aged men with bad breath and even worse comb-overs—she lucks into some scorching-hot eye candy.Tony and Josh share the same objective—taking care of Marin in every way possible. And when she proposes they indulge her fantasy of a ménage a trois, both men are definitely eager to please.There’s only one problem—one of them is really a tabloid reporter who could ruin everything.

Marin allows herself one vacation every year where she sneaks away so she can truly relax and not worry about the press or anyone watching her and reporting on everything she does. When Marin finally sneaks away she decides to give in to temptation and have some fun with the sexy bodyguards she has hired. Marin is always in control, but when she cedes control to Tony in the bedroom and then admits her fantasy of a threesome, Tony and Josh are quite happy to oblige! Of course what Marin doesn’t realize is that one of her bodyguards is more than he seems – he is actually a tabloid reporter that could expose her secrets. When the truth is revealed, can Marin ever recover from the deception?

This was a quick and steamy read with some M/F/M fun! It was fun to watch Marin relax and give in to her fantasies and Tony was a total alpha in the bedroom. I also liked the interaction between Marin, Tony and Josh – it really seemed that they were building more than just a sexual relationship by their actions. There is plenty of steam between the covers of this book – something which Wynter Daniels always delivers on!

I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.


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