Friday, June 1, 2018

Review - Wolf of Her Own by N.J. Walters

Wolf of Her Own
by N.J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack, #9
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2018

Mikhail Matheson came to Salvation for his sister, but he stayed for Elise LaForge. She’s the alpha’s mother and the most fascinating woman he’s ever laid his eyes on. He’s wanted her from the first moment he saw her. He may feel like an outsider in the pack, but there’s no way he can leave when he’s sure Elise is his mate.

Elise’s made a home in North Carolina with her adult sons and their pack. It’s taken her a long time to get over the years she spent with her abusive mate, and while she’s content now, she can’t help but feel there’s something missing in her life. Mikhail stirs emotions in her she never expected to feel, and the attraction between them is off the charts. But Elise’s not sure how her sons and the pack will react, not to mention the danger the pack is facing.

This book was definitely not what I expected but turned out to be a wonderful read. Both characters are older and Elise has had a past history of abuse, so watching these two find each other and happiness was very satisfying.

Mikhail and Elise proved to be perfect for one another. Mikhail had the patience of a saint – knowing enough about Elise’s past to give her space and the time she needed, but also knowing when to press a bit so they could move forward. With Elise being the mother of the pack Alpha, Mikhail knew that pack politics would come in to play, but he also knew that Elise had to be willing to stand up for them as a couple if they were going to have a future. Elise has had a very abusive past. The things she has gone through broke my heart. I loved seeing her come back in to herself and rediscover and find who she is and who she wants to be. I wanted to cheer every time she did something to help break free from the demons of her past.

I really enjoyed getting to know the rest of the Salvation Pack. I haven’t read any of the other stories in this series but had no trouble reading this as a stand-alone. There were many other characters introduced and just enough backstory was given to not overwhelm with details but keep the story moving. I always love the family that is the pack, and because of, or maybe in spite of, the history of all the pack members this pack had a warmth and emotion that made me smile and often times had me chuckling.

There wasn’t a lot of action to this story – just a bit of drama at the end and a really good fight scene - so this one moved a bit slower than I typically like, but the romance was touching and satisfying so that more than made up for it.

I would definitely recommend this one and look forward to checking out other books in this series.

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