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Under Control by Laura Catherine @lauracatherinep - New Release + Giveaway @buoniamicipres

Under Control
by Laura Catherine
Series: Guardians of Ivalice, #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: June 16, 2018

Nix, Grace and Phoebe are having problems with their new elemental powers. They keep losing control and sooner or later they are going to get caught or hurt someone.

When Nix gets grounded from preforming a gig, after having a fight with her boyfriend and accidentally starting a small fire, the girls come up with a plan to practice their powers and regain some control.

Kendra, on the other hand, is shutting everyone out. Despite Phoebe's best efforts to get through to her, Kendra wants nothing to do with magic or Ivalice, but she can't hide away forever because Morgan is desperate to find a way to Earth and take back the elements. As he gets closer to a solution Morgan’s obsession grows and begins to come at a cost.

Nix waved at Grace and Josh as they drove away from the front of her apartment building. She couldn’t hide the grin on her face; it had been while since she’d felt this cheerful.

The gig had excited her, but her ongoing arguement with Alex had put a huge dampener on the situation. Things had perked up again today, though. At first Nix had felt uneasy about having Phoebe make her an outfit for the gig, but after seeing the design and fabric, she was all in. She wanted to look good, wanted to stand out in the crowd.

Maybe then Alex would notice her. If he even bothered to show up.

Nix pushed those thoughts from her mind and thought about Aaron Winters. He had been so positive and supportive, much the way Nix had hoped Alex would be. She had appreciated that.

Alex used to be so supportive of Nix. He’d come over just to listen to her tune her guitar. She missed the way they used to laugh together, the way he surprised her with flowers. Alex was a good guy and Nix didn’t understand what was going on. What had changed? Could they get back to the way they were before?

He’ll realise sooner or later that he’s being an idiot. That’s what Aaron had said.

She stepped into the foyer of her apartment building and pushed the button on the elevator that was finally working again.

The lift rose quickly, and Nix glided on an air of bliss out into the corridor to her apartment door, but the look on her mother’s face as she entered caused Nix’s heart to sink.

“Danika,” her mother said, her eyes narrowed, and her brow creased.

“Hi Mum,” Nix said, slipping through the door and closing it behind her.

“Is there something you want to tell me?” her mother asked.

Nix resisted the urge to give a sarcastic reply. Her mother always did this when Nix had done something she thought was wrong.

Just tell me what you think I did? Why ask me about it?

“I can’t think of anything,” Nix replied, kicking off her shoes.

“Really?” her mother replied, following her around the tiny apartment. “You don’t want to tell me why Ms Groper called me today?”

Nix felt the colour flood from her face. A call from her Math teacher was never good.

“How would I know what Ms Groper called you about? I’m not psychic.”

Her mother sighed, pinching her brow, and Nix knew she shouldn’t have said that. “Danika, don’t start.”

Nix felt red fill her up again. “Just tell me what you want to say, Mum.”

“Ms Groper called to tell me you’ve failed the last two Math tests.”

“I’m passing everything else,” Nix said, filling a cup of water just to keep busy.

It was mostly true. Math was the only class she was failing, but Science was only just above the line.

“That’s not the point.” Her mother sighed again.

“What do you want me to say?” Nix growled, putting the cup on the table a little too hard. She could feel the burning in her stomach, and she focused on keeping it bay.

“I’m not good at Math. Not everyone is.”

“Maybe if you spent more time studying and less time playing guitar in a garage.”

“Music is important to me,” Nix replied, clenching her fists tight.

Stay in control. Don’t set anything on fire. Stay in control.

“Math is important,” her mother retorted. “Math is needed in everyday—”

“When was the last time you did Math without a calculator?” Nix snapped and several candles on the mantel over their electric heater caught alight.

“That’s not the point,” her mother said again. Luckily, her mother’s back was to the candles, so Nix could focus on snuffing them out.

“Music isn’t a job. You need good grades in Math to get into college,” her mother added.
“You don’t get it and you don’t get me.” Nix stormed out of the room and into her bedroom, slamming the door, before she lost control and started a serious fire.

“Danika! This conversation isn’t over.”

But her mother didn’t follow her into Nix’s room. She never did. They would argue. and as soon as one of them slammed a bedroom door, the conversation was over, until the next argument came around.

Nix threw her backpack in the corner of her room, slipped her headphones over her ears, then collapsed on her bed and turned up her music to block everything out.

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Laura Catherine was born in Melbourne, Australia and spent most of her childhood creating fantasy worlds and talking to her invisible pet cheetah who ran along powerlines.

Her imagination has carried her through childhood where her mother read stories about fantasy worlds at bedtime. Never one to face reality, Laura spent a lot of time turning boxes into ships and castles.

Laura self-published her first novel, Djinn (2013), a Paranormal Romance, and the second in the series, Blooders (2015). Laura is currently working on the next instalment in the Djinn series, Bloodjinn, as well as a few other novels including the first in a new YA series, The Guardians of Ivalice.

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