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Bloodjinn by Laura Catherine @lauracatherinep - New Release @buoniamicipres

by Laura Catherine
Series: Djinn, #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 22, 2018

Heartbreak and looking for escape.

Kyra has given up on everything. Alec betrayed her. Will is dead. Her and her father are imprisoned by the Djinn awaiting a sentence from High King Tibal who is even more ruthless than Ivan.

When a mysterious woman gives her the choice to start a rebellion for the Guardjinn, Kyra is less than interested in losing more people she cares about. Instead she chooses to escape with her parents to live her old life among the humans.​

Bloodlust and civil war.​

When Kyra realises Will might still be alive she snaps to her senses and heads halfway across the world in search of De Morte, the Blooder City.
Along the way, Kyra will truely begin to understand what it means to be a Bloodjinn; part Djinn and part Blooder. There is a darkness within her growing with every drop of blood she tastes, but Kyra needs more powers if she is going to save Will and start a civil war among the Djinn.

When our doors officially opened, there was a flood of customers wanting their morning java to start their day at work. Cafe Roma did make the best coffee in the town.

I’d be flat off my feet until 7:30 a.m. when Rebecca would come in. She was two years older than me and attending college part-time a few towns over.

Rebecca and I had become a team over the last few weeks since I started. I’d make the coffee and she’d serve it while chatting with the customers. She often got in trouble from Rosa for chatting too much, but she was a good waitress.

“I’m so tired,” Rebecca said, plonking her handbag on the counter and tying her nutmeg hair into a ponytail. “I was up all night finishing my assignment.”

I placed the milk under the steamer. “Well, maybe if you’d done the assignment when you got it two weeks ago, it wouldn’t have been a problem,” I replied with a smirk. “You could have gone to that bar you love and flirted with the bartender again.”

Rebecca leaned her head on the bench looking up at me. “Where’s the sympathy, Katie?” she asked and gave me puppy eyes.

We’d had to change our identities when we moved here. The passports Dad had in his emergency stash already had names on it. So I was Katie now and Dad was Benjamin. Mum got to choose her name when we got her IDs done. She chose to be Anna after her mother.

“This is why you should go to uni,” Rebecca continued, pulling down her tight skirt. She was very curvy and liked to show it wearing tight-fitting clothes but nothing very revealing. “You’ve got such a sensible outlook on life. You’re really smart.”

I poured the frothy milk into two caffeinated mugs, placed the mugs on a tray and pushed it towards Rebecca. “I told you I’m not interested in studying. High school was more than enough, Bec. Now, table three would like their lattes.”

Rebecca pouted and slid off the bench with a dramatic sigh and went out the back to get ready. Our mornings went quickly with the normal rush of customers and by eleven thirty it was break time for me. I pulled my apron over my head and stashed it under the counter. “I’m off for lunch,” I called to Rebecca, who was deep in conversation with a woman who looked like she just wanted her coffee that Rebecca was still holding hostage until her story was finished.

“Have fun,” Bec replied, turning to face me long enough for the woman to snatch her coffee off the tray.

“Take some food,” Rosa said, pulling out some savoury pasties from the cabinet. “You’re too skinny.”

“I won’t be if you keep feeding me pasties.”

“Boys like curvy girls,” Rosa replied.

“She’s not wrong,” Rebecca called, slapping her hip.

I playfully rolled my eyes and took the food. “Thank you, Rosa.”

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Laura Catherine was born in Melbourne, Australia and spent most of her childhood creating fantasy worlds and talking to her invisible pet cheetah who ran along powerlines.

Her imagination has carried her through childhood where her mother read stories about fantasy worlds at bedtime. Never one to face reality, Laura spent a lot of time turning boxes into ships and castles.

Laura self-published her first novel, Djinn (2013), a Paranormal Romance, and the second in the series, Blooders (2015). Laura is currently working on the next instalment in the Djinn series, Bloodjinn, as well as a few other novels including the first in a new YA series, The Guardians of Ivalice.

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