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Review - Bishop's Queen by Katie Reus

Bishop's Queen
by Katie Reus
Series: Endgame Trilogy, #2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 22, 2019

Return to the Endgame trilogy where blood is thick, but passion is thicker…

He doesn’t believe in fairy-tale endings…

They used to call Evan Bishop the golden boy. He had it all and was about to close the business deal of a lifetime, then marry the woman of his dreams. But everything goes to hell when a faceless enemy wants to destroy his family’s empire and see him dead. Except the bomb meant to kill him fails. He wakes up from a coma to find his face scarred and his brother missing and wanted for murder. Now that he’s damaged, he hides away from the world—including the woman he loves. He refuses to be a burden to her, so even though it destroys him, he sets her free.

She’s about to prove him wrong…

Isla MacDonald isn’t walking away from Evan just because he’s decided to shut her out of his life. He blames himself for the bombing that got her father killed and nearly killed him—but he’s wrong. After all attempts to see him fail, with a broken heart she tries to resume her life and take over her father’s firm. Though it’s not her dream, she wants to honor his legacy. But when someone tries to kill her—twice—she needs a bodyguard. To her surprise Evan steps up and insists on protecting her, putting on a show as the caring fiancĂ©. But he won’t let her back into his life or into his heart. To have any chance at a future together, they’ll have to resurrect the past and stay alive long enough to expose the man determined to see them both dead.

Another great story from Katie Reus! This book grabbed my attention from the first page and had me enveloped in the mystery right until the end!

I absolutely loved Isla. After everything that she has gone through she still has managed to pick herself up and carry-on. It was easy to connect to her struggles, not only dealing with Evan pushing her away after the bombing incident, but her commitment to finishing up the business deals that her father had in the works even though her passions lay elsewhere. Evan, well I can’t say he was one of my favorite heroes…but in the end he did earn a bit of redemption when he finally got his head out of his butt and realized that he couldn’t live without Isla. He also earned some points by how protective he was of Isla, doing whatever he could to keep her safe. These two certainly had chemistry and it was easy to feel the heat between the two, but I did have a hard time reconciling the man Evan was in this book to the man who pushed the love of his life away.
Ugh, friends? After what they’d shared? After being engaged? After the way he’d hurt her? She wasn’t sure she was that evolved.
The highlight for me was the mystery/suspense surrounding Isla’s stalker and how well laid out that plot was. I had an idea who the stalker was going to be, but wasn’t 100% sure until it was revealed, and I always love it when that mystery brings me right to the end of a book. As I’ve said before, Katie Reus is fantastic at pulling a romantic suspense story together, not only balancing the romance and suspense, but making each play a pivotal role for each other.

This is the second book of a trilogy, but it is a complete standalone. You do get to meet Isla and Evan in book one, which may provide a bit more insight into their characters, but the author does a good job filling in the gaps so it’s not really necessary. There is also a cross-over character to her Red Stone Security series (which if you haven’t picked these up yet I would also recommend doing so!), which is something I always love when an author does.

Another book by Katie Reus that deserves to be on any TBR pile!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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