Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Recipe for Disaster by Allie York - New Release

Recipe for Disaster
by Allie York
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 12, 2019

World’s best muffins:

Step 1: Preheat oven to 375
Step 2: cream the butter and sugar until light
Step 3: Add eggs one at a time
Step 4: Forget you have a new phone in a new area code and call a random guy
Step 5: Continue to text random guy until you develop not-so-random feelings

Aimee’s life was stable, normal, and loving; until it wasn’t anymore. In the blink of an eye, she lost her childhood home, her best friend, and her sanity in one swoop.

But a misdialed number brings her an unexpected friend and a lot of new feelings.

Life is finally looking up and Aimee sets out to live life to the fullest with her newfound friend. That is until...Aimee’s text life and real-life collide to ruin everything.

Copyright @ Allie York 2019

Muffin Guy: Marry me. Now.

Muffin Guy: Okay that was a little creepy. Sorry. I don’t think I have ever had anyone quote The Dude for me. It’s amazing.

Muffin Guy: I would need to try to muffins before proposing marriage anyway. What if they suck?

I think about leaving him hanging, just to see how many texts I can rack up before he gives up, but I can’t.

Aimee: My muffins are world-class. I’m talking good enough for the Queen Amidala and The Emperor or some royalty from this universe. Don’t ever doubt my muffin making abilities. Now let’s talk about that marriage proposal. We can’t base a whole relationship on one cult classic and some Star Wars references. And what if you’re ugly?

If he can insult my muffins, I can insult his appearance. It’s only fair. 

Muffin Guy: Touché. I already told you how hot I am, so that is absurd. Don’t let the eye thing throw you off, it only adds to my sex appeal. Where can I get one of your muffins? I’m not sure I can take that at face value. I need to do research.

Aimee: Only place you can get my muffins is from me. I need to go get ready for a thing tonight. Have a nice night, Muffin Guy.

I know if he keeps texting me, I’ll never get ready for the event, and Dad will kill me. Without Hali to get my hair and makeup done, it will take me an eternity.

Muffin Guy: Date?

Aimee: Only with my family. My life is very boring. So boring that I spend the day texting strangers.

Muffin Guy: Mine too. Have fun tonight. If it gets too boring, shoot me a text. If nothing else, I am good comedic relief.

Allie is a mom and dog groomer by day. At night she is posted at her laptop writing or reading in a cozy corner. She has a soft spot for gooey romance, over-creamed coffee, and anything cute and furry.

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