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Review - A Fairbanks Affair by Katy Regnery

A Fairbanks Affair
by Katy Regnery
Series: Odds Are Good, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 2, 2019

Three nights. Two of us. One bed. Zero chance at love.

Boston businesswoman, Faye Findley, has devoted the last decade of her life to work, leaving no time for romance. Tired of being a 30-year-old virgin, Faye answers an ad in The Odds Are Good magazine, hoping to turn over her v-card to a sexy Alaskan she’ll never see again.

Successful distillery owner, Trevor Starling, was left betrayed and broken-hearted when his brother and fiancĂ©e had sex the night before Trevor’s wedding. Anticipating a lonely New Year’s celebration, he places an ad in The Odds Are Good for a no-strings attached weekend of hot sex.

Though mistaken identity threatens to derail everything, the chemistry between Faye and Trevor turns out to be stronger than either could have imagined. And what started out as a one-and-done mission becomes much more complicated.

I am just loving the Odds Are Good series by Katy Regnery and A Fairbanks Affair is has become my favorite one in the series - so far! Sweet, steamy, funny, and full of heart, this book was a treat to read!

I just loved both Faye and Trevor right from the start. Faye is smart, successful, self-assured, and confident – at least when it comes to business, but since she’s had to step up and run the family business there’s been no time for love, or relationships, or any type of romantic involvement. I love her pragmatism and her ability to reduce things to their simplest forms, being straight-forward about things and, at least when it came to Trevor, not being afraid to put herself out there and be honest with him. Trevor is still reeling from the betrayal of his brother and fiancĂ©, and Faye is just what he needed to get him past the hurt and on the path to forgiveness – which is what he needed to move forward in his own life. I loved how they both supported each other and kept things real, were as quick with an apology as they were with the words the caused some of their arguments/misunderstandings, and just how sweet they both were with each other.
“Why’d you change your mind?”

I’m ninety-nine percent sure I know the answer to the question, but I need to hear it. I need to know.

Her lips tilt up in a gentle smile as she reaches forward to cup my cheek with her free hand. “Because I met you, T. Because after I met you…I didn’t – didn’t want anyone else to be my first. I want you. That’s all I know.”
It is so obvious that Katy Regnery has done her research with all of these books – and one of my favorite lines in this book has to do with being a New Englander…
This is a shocking suggestion because Harriet never initiates visits, only grudgingly agrees to them when I insist. It makes me smile. It may even make my eyes water a little, but then again, we can’t lose our minds completely. We are New Englanders, after all.
Although this story mostly features Faye and Trevor, the supporting characters of Harriet, Faye’s sister, and all of Trevor’s family add so much to the story and help shape both Faye and Trevor. Watching Faye connect with Harry in a new way and seeing the family dynamics play out with Trevor’s family – including having to deal with his brother and his ex-fiance’s betrayal – were perfectly woven into Faye and Trevor’s story. Even though there were a few bumps for these two, the angst level was fairly low – these two quickly worked out any issues and, once they decided on a path, they were both quick to act or ask for more information from each other if there was any uncertainty.

Another wonderful read from Katy Regnery that warms the heart and is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The perfect holiday – or anytime – read!

I received an advance reader copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

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