Monday, January 27, 2020

Review - Deadly Bounty by Misty Evans

Deadly Bounty
by Misty Evans
Series: Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce, #8
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 21, 2020

She’s on the run, and he’s tasked with bringing her in…dead or alive.

Undercover FBI agent Samantha Rosenthal is on the run. A fugitive wanted for a terrorist act she didn’t commit, she has no idea who set her up, and the one person she still trusts is her ex, sexy Joseph Cahill. The problem? He’s the bounty hunter assigned to bring her in.

Joe knows everything about Sam—the way she talks in her sleep, how her damn fine body responds to his, her extreme intelligence and cunning street smarts. This apprehension should be a slam dunk. But it’s been seven long months since he’s seen her, held her, kissed her. Now she’s on the run from Homeland, the FBI, and the SCVC Taskforce. If he doesn’t hunt her down, someone else will…and they’ll use deadly force.

Laying her heart on the line, Sam has no choice but to ally with Joe to uncover a conspiracy that will clear her name but rock the FBI. Risking everything, Joe puts his career, as well as his freedom, in jeopardy, and dives head—and heart—into bringing Sam home alive.

With Sam on the run trying to prove her innocence and Joe, her ex, the only one who is in a position to bring her in, Misty Evans weaves a story that has action, suspense, and a great second chance romance that also features a lovable pup and some favorites from other books in the series.

It was so easy to fall right in step with Sam as she fights to clear her name. She’s self-reliant and has some mad skills, but she also knows that she needs some help. Unfortunately, the only person she trusts is Joe, her ex-fiance who is now a bounty hunter, and recently hired to bring her in. I loved watching these two feel each other out, Sam trying to figure out if she can trust that Joe is on her side, Joe trying to make Sam know she is safe with him – even if he uses their attraction to help him get his way! These two were perfectly paired and are easily one of my favorite couples from this series!

Sam meant for the kiss to be a thank you. Like the previous day’s had been.

Her body, however, had other ideas.

Joe’s lips were warm and inviting. He tasted of tequila and the mustard on his sandwich.

Everything about him was safe, familiar, welcoming, and although he was holding up both hands as though she were pointing a gun at him, she knew it was only because he didn’t want her to stop. If he touched her, if he deepened the kiss, he might frighten her away.
I love how Misty Evans always knows how to bring in characters to help tell her stories. From the inclusion of Jack-Jack, Sam’s dog who steals some of the scenes, to Sam’s mother, who doesn’t have much time on the page but is essential to defining who Sam is, every character and scene plays a role and helps tell the story. Another favorite part of every book in any Misty Evans series is that you get to catch up with characters from previous books since they always play a role in how things turn out.

Although this is a part of a series is can easily be read as a stand-alone – and definitely belongs on anyone’s TBR that is looking for a fast-paced, action-packed suspense that also brings all the feels you would expect from a second chance romance.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the author.

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