Thursday, April 30, 2020

Review - Dirty Work by Regina Kyle

Dirty Work
by Regina Kyle
Genre: Contemporary Romantic
Release Date: May 1, 2020

Millionaire nightclub owner Jake Lawson works hard, but executive concierge Ainsley Scott is showing him how to let loose…in the sexiest possible way!

I knew I was in trouble the moment millionaire Jake Lawson walked through the door of his swanky Tribeca loft. The definition of tall, dark and handsome, he’s hired me to take care of his parents’ Irish wolfhound. But one game of strip Scrabble later and we’re taking care of each other all night long…

Starting my concierge business was my way out of the rat race I ran as a lawyer until it cost me my fiancĂ©. And Jake is a full-on workaholic, certain his high-end nightclub will fall apart if he loses focus for a second. We couldn’t be more different. But the chemistry between us is off the charts!

From drag-queen karaoke to movies at Hudson River Park, I’m showing Jake how to lighten up and enjoy everything New York City has to offer. But I can’t help wondering if blowing each other’s minds in bed is enough to make up for our different values. Can Jake step away from his smartphone long enough to give us a chance?

Regina Kyle has delivered the perfect mix of witty banter and emotion in this quick, fun read that had plenty of laugh out loud moments. There was plenty of hot chemistry but also an emotional connection between the characters that made it easy to want these two to find their happy ever after.

Although the chemistry was hot and heavy from their first meeting, I loved watching Jake and Ainsley slowly recognize and acknowledge their feelings for one another. Even though Jake is billed as being a workaholic I never really got the vibe that he wouldn’t be open to finding more balance in his life, despite the past and his perception of what happened to his father. It felt more like he never had a reason to slow down, and only when Ainsley, who has had her own issues with balance in her life, decided to show Jake that he could focus on more than just work, that he finally found his reason.
There’s something about this woman that calls to me on virtually every level. Not just physically, although - duh - it’s no secret what she does to me in that department, thanks to my disobedient dick. What I feel for her goes deeper than that. Hoe much deeper, I don’t have a clue. Yet. That’s something I plan on figuring out.

If she’ll talk to me.
Learning more about Ainsley and watching her come to terms with her past really helped to get a better understanding for some of her actions and reactions, and learning her truths helped piece her story together. Jake did get me more than a bit angry at the end, but he delivered big time to earn his redemption!

The supporting characters added to the story, bringing both some laughs and also a lot of emotion. All of the various relationships added to the story, from the fun and respect that could be felt between Ainsley and her co-workers, to the tension that was always there between Ainsley and her mom. And of course Roscoe - the Irish wolfhound who steals every scene.

This was a great rom-com with plenty of heat, humor, and heart - one I would definitely recommend!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the author.

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