Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Virgin Hunt Games by Mel Teshco - New Release and Giveaway

The Virgin Hunt Games
by Mel Teshco
Series: Virgin Hunt Games, Volume 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2021

Melody Simmons desperately needs to fill her bank accounts with credits that could help her family climb out of near poverty. And in the Virgin Hunt Games, that means enticing as many hunters as possible to bed her. The downside? Billions of viewers from all parts of the galaxy would be watching her fall from virtue with avid interest.
Alien Damon Banscott despises everything about the Virgin Hunt Games. Except the fact he can now legally destroy his enemy in the games. He is in this only for revenge. Then Damon sees one of the beautiful hunted and, for a moment, his heart stops beating. He’ll fight to the death before allowing another hunter to touch and deflower Melody.
But while the hunters get more credits by pleasing their captive mate sexually, the hunted women received more by finding their pleasure with any of the hunters who weren’t their assigned mate.
Let the games begin…

Melody Simmons gazed numbly into the gold-framed reflector as half a dozen attendants polished her into one of the ten goddesses who would soon be the proverbial meat to slake the hunter males’ sexual hunger.

In Melody’s everyday life, she’d have cared less that her waist-length silver-blond hair was trimmed of dry ends, her nails painted green—the same color her soon-to-be hunter would draw—and her face made up until she was barely recognizable. But enhancing her looks meant improving her chances of fucking as many hunters as possible, which also meant more credits landing in her bank account and her family rocketing free of near poverty.

The downside? Billions of viewers from all parts of the galaxy would be watching her fall from virtue with avid interest.

But it was too late to back out now. She was ruined for life now, anyway. For better or worse, she’d signed the contract, and she intended to make use of her charms. Once the Games were behind her, she’d be wealthy enough never to have to endure sex again.

She resisted tugging the lapels of her robe tighter over her otherwise naked body as yet another attendant juggled at least a dozen different outfits, holding each one against Melody and looking at her expectantly for approval. She grimaced. She’d better get used to showing off her body.

Sick of all the fuss, she eventually nodded at a one-piece sleeveless black pantsuit that buttoned together at the front. It was practical, wouldn’t get in the way during a fight, and it had deep pockets that she could stuff anything useful into.

The dark thigh-high boots presented to her were also a good choice. The boots laced up at the front, and she could use the laces for many things, not just strangulation. The spiked heels would make sharp weapons and weren’t so high that she couldn’t run in them.

A statuesque woman—another hunted—in the chair next to her own quietly sobbed. “I was going to be joined with my mate in three moon days,” she lamented. “I’d saved myself for Skyheart. But after this he’ll never look at me again, and I don’t blame him.”

An assistant blinked down at her. “But you said Skyheart encouraged you to be here.”

She nodded. “Yes, he was excited to start our life without fear of hardship. But how will he ever look me in the eye again knowing some other male fucked me first?”

Melody frowned. When had a woman’s virginity become the essence of her whole life, the arbiter of her future? She wished now she had broken her hymen with one of the many village men who’d lusted after her. Then she wouldn’t have felt compelled to become a hunted at the Virgin Hunt Games.

She was glad her parents and neighbors didn’t own a screener to witness her loss of innocence. And yet, another part of her hoped they did know she’d been captured by the scouts, so they didn’t suspect even worse foul play…like being kidnapped and sold into one of the many harems around the universe, or taken to one of the black-market platforms where innocents were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

An attractive Earth virgin wasn’t only valued for these Games. There were plenty of twisted alien males who secretly coveted women of other races, despite the stigma attached. She didn’t even want to imagine how the women were treated who were sold illegally.

She shuddered. It was bad enough scouts bribed women to sign a contract to participate in the Games which, according to universal law, wasn’t a criminal offense like prostitution. The women had even been vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases and injected with birth control, which meant they had nothing to worry about when they were captured by their drawn hunter.

Other than figuring out how to escape. Because while the hunters got more credits by pleasing their captive mate sexually, the hunted women received more by finding their pleasure with any of the hunters who weren’t their assigned mate.

A woman could become famous, wealthy, and sexually fulfilled, if she so chose. Melody only aimed for one out of three. She just had her eyes on the wealth.

Mel Teshco loves to write scorching paranormal, sci-fi and contemporary stories. Not easy with five cats, two dogs and a fat black thoroughbred vying for attention, especially when Mel’s also busily stuffing around on Facebook. With only one daughter now living at home to feed two minute noodles, she still shakes her head at how she managed to write with three daughters and three stepchildren living under the same roof. Not to mention Mr. Semi-Patient (the one and same husband hoping for early retirement…he’s been waiting a few years now…) Clearly anything is possible, even in the real world.

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