Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Forever with the Trucker by Allie York - New Release

Forever with the Trucker
by Allie York
Series: Forever Collection, #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2021

Running away is hard, but falling for Ace is too easy. 

Fleeing from her parents and the future of an arranged marriage, Eden finds herself face to face with Ace Walland. 
Sexy, older, and in the right place at the right time, Eden finds herself hopping into Ace’s truck to find her sister.
With Forever in their future, Ace and Eden find themselves unable to deny the pull between them. 

It may have started with a road trip, but navigating their attraction isn’t as easy as it seems.

Copyright 2021 @Allie York

“Hey, sweetheart?” God his voice is sexy; like every romance hero I’ve ever read about in one human. He kind of looks like one too. “Eden?”

“Not your sweetheart,” I mumble, rolling over to face him.

“Yeah, I know.” Does he sound disappointed? Or am I really tired? “Our five-hour trip just got extended until this wreck clears up.”

I roll back over. “Okay.” Then I realize that I was face to face with him which means he’s not driving. He has this crooked half-smile on his face that’s… wow. Ace is crouched so that our noses are barely three inches apart. “We’re not moving.”

“Nope.” Ace pops the ‘p’ and gives me a pitying look.

“It’s fine, I don’t even know what I’m going to say to my sister when I get there.” I sit up and a big hand comes out to stop me. I blink and realize I nearly hit my head on the top bunk. “I guess I’m not awake yet. Thanks.”

“I’ve ended up with many a goose egg because of this bunk.” Ace laughs and I swoon. Like I literally make a swooning sound. He smirks at me, and I roll my eyes. I can feel how red my face is and make sure to not look at him. “Your burger is up here.”

“You got me a burger?” My stomach growls.

“I figured you’d feel better and be hungry after a nap.” He gets back in the driver’s seat, folding his long legs to get up there. I squeeze through and pick up my burger before I sit down. There are red tail lights as far as I can see. Great. “Now, I need to know that you didn’t steal that car. I also need to know you’re not sixteen or something.”

My burger is halfway to my mouth, but I stop to answer him. “I’ll be twenty in a few days.” Ace shakes his head and rubs his bearded jaw. “Is there something wrong with that? I’m not sixteen, you’re not endangering a minor.” I take a bite of the burger. It’s not warm anymore, but I’m starving, so I really don’t care.

“Am I harboring a fugitive?” Ace watches me chew the burger.

I shake my head. “I’ve driven that car since I was sixteen. It’s always been my car, but my parents do own it. I think they want me back more than they want the car. They can buy a new car, I’m the last daughter they can marry off.” As soon as I say the words, I cover my mouth. I did not mean to say so much.

“Marry off?” With a quick glance at the still cars around us, he turns in his seat to look at me. “Spill it.”

“I get a question before I answer yours.” I talk around the bite of burger. Ace pretends to think, eyebrow arched, tapping his chin. I giggle and he smiles. God he’s hot, rugged, manly.

“I’ll answer your question.”

“How old are you?”

I caught him off guard. Good. Ace clears his throat. “Thirty-three.” My eyes widen. “Practically ancient.” He glances back up at the traffic then those emerald eyes land on me again.

“You’re not ancient. Older than I would have guessed, but you thought I was sixteen.” I shrug and pop the last bite of burger in my mouth.

“Too old for you.” He holds my gaze when he says it and I can feel the heat rolling off him in waves. Oh wow.

I'm a mom, wife, and dog groomer by day. At night I write contemporary romance. I love funny dog videos, I read naughty books, and drink too much coffee.

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