Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review - The Butler Did It by Kate Deveaux


Sparks fly when Vi Martin hires Clarkson Dale, a professional butler for her swanky Miami retreat. Work turns to play when they break all the rules.

Vi Martin, successful multi-millionaire businesswoman, is in for a surprise when the domestic agency sends her a new butler for her swanky Miami penthouse. Drop dead gorgeous Clarkson Dale is the consummate professional butler…until he meets his new employer. The sparks fly and their attraction is undeniable when they break all the rules. She knows it’s wrong to have sex with the hired help but the woman is used to getting what she wants and she can’t resist temptation.

Clarkson is conflicted by his professional role and his flagrant attraction to Vi. They strike a compromise, work is work and play is play. Strictly professional by day and all bets are off at night when they explore their fantasies. Vi likes it when a man takes control and she’s open to new experiences. Clarkson has just the man for the job. Michel, Vi’s personal chef, has other talents, and joins Clarkson and Vi in exploring her deeper sexual tastes. Clarkson takes control of a night of passion and guides Michel on how to properly pleasure their employer. Michel has no problem rising to the occasion.

My Review - 4 Stars:

From the moment Vi Martin opens her door to find her new hunky butler standing before her, I just knew this was going to be one steamy read. From their explosive first encounter in the bathroom, to some ultra-hot sexy times on the dining room table, this book is filled with heat and steam. Loved how Clarkson took charge, and Vi gave up the control she always possesses in all other facets of her life and gives herself over to all the pleasure Clarkson can offer – including the addition of another man!

This was a quick read, packed with lots of heat and steam between the pages!

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