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Review - Healing Her Heart by Audra North

Healing Her Heart (Stanton Family)
by Audra North
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Publisher: Entangled: Edge


Informing the next of kin of a patient's death is hardly cardiac surgeon Greg Stanton's favorite activity. Tired of spreading bad news, he decides to take a week off and enjoy a few extra curricular activities—one in particular that hopefully involves a certain blonde director.

Carrie's experience as the Director of New Beginnings, an Assisted Living Residence, has taught her that the wisdom of the elderly is often more healing than any drug. So when Greg drops by her office to tell her one of her residents passed away and mentions he's taking some time off, Carrie suggests that he spend the time volunteering at her facility.

Greg is in need of a way to de-stress. After being burned by her ex-fiance, Carrie needs a little fun. What's a little sex between friends? But when their casual arrangement is complicated by real feelings, one of them will have to step up to save what could be something special before they both tear it apart.

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My Review - 3.5 Stars:

This is a short read with a bit of angst, a bit of steam, and a lot of color – mainly from the elderly residents at the Assisted Living Residence. When Doctor Greg finds himself over-stressed from his job as a cardiac surgeon, he decides to take a week off to recharge his batteries and try to rid himself of the anxiety that he has been feeling. What he doesn’t expect is being propositioned by Carrie, the director of the assisted living home, whom he has gotten to know through the visits that her residents frequently make to his ER. Of course her proposition isn’t as steamy as what he would like – she invites him to volunteer at the facility during his week of vacation. Doctor Greg has other ideas in mind though, especially since the attraction between him and Carrie is sending off some serious sparks. When Greg and Carrie embark on a one-week, no-strings affair, will they be able to just walk away from each other or will they find that there is something there to fight for.

Greg and Carrie were a fun couple to watch as they struggled through the issues from their past and tried to maintain the parameters of their one-week relationship. There was definitely a lot of sparks between the two, and it seemed that everyone but Greg and Carrie could see that they made a great couple.

I especially loved the residents at the facility, and how Carrie had so many life lessons that she had learned from them.
“Working with some of the wisest members of society – the elderly – Carrie had learned years ago that emotions didn't separate themselves into nice, neat compartments that a person could experience, one at a time. The beauty of life was in its complexity, and death and desire were both a part of it.”
I enjoyed this story, but would have liked to have seen a bit more to the ending, which I know is sometimes hard when you are trying to keep the story down to novella length. This is my first book from Audra North and I would definitely pick up another one!

I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oh yay! I read one by her earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Was a steamy little thing and definitely hit the spot. Glad to see you enjoyed this one!

    1. This one definitely had some steam - just a bit too short to really get the story to come to a good end for me. I liked her writing and will probably try a few more from her!


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