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Review - Hiding Away (Anchored Hearts, #1.5) by J.M. Witt


Who do you trust, and who do you love, when the secrets of your past are so painful that you’re Hiding Away?

Jane Whitford had everything she ever wanted, at her fingertips, when it was violently ripped away. The man who was supposed to love her turned into a monster. Broken and bruised, she fled his clutches back to her hometown. Love is the last thing she wants when she meets Cal. The only thing on her mind, is fun, and lots of it. Will she open her heart to him before it's too late?

Calvin Charles is a cop on the streets, working hard to achieve his goal of joining SWAT. He strives to live with no regrets and has everything he needs; friends, family, and the occasional woman to warm his bed. Until he meets Jane, and she quickly becomes everything he wants. Will he be able to get her to open up when she’s convinced that exposing her secrets will cost her his love and respect?

Will his love be strong enough to survive? Or will her secrets be the death of him?

Note: This is a companion novella. While you could read it as the first for Hiding Away (Cal & Jane's story), it is recommended that you read it after Vol. 1. All of the volumes will cross over into one another. 

Here's my review of: Letting Go (Anchored Hearts, #1).

My Review - 4 Stars:

I just love Cal and Jane and am very happy that we are getting to read their story. In “Letting Go”, author J.M. Witt’s debut novel, Jane captured my interest and Cal captured my heart. Learning the events in Jane’s past that have brought her back to her hometown and into Cal’s life took me on an emotional ride that left me believing in the power of love.

Cal…I don’t even know where to begin – I think he is just perfect! Although Cal has been a bit of player, it’s obvious that once he meets Jane that she is “it” for him. It was fun reliving some of the scenes in “Letting Go” and hearing them in Cal’s POV, and seeing just how quickly and hard Cal fell for Jane. I also liked learning a bit more about Cassidy’s past as events unfolded in Cal’s life.

Jane had me all over the place with my emotions. My heart was breaking as I learned about her past, I was cheering for her as she took control of her life and made tough decisions, and I was rooting for her as she struggled to find her way with Cal.

Although the events in “Hiding Away” run parallel to most of the events in “Letting Go”, I never felt that I was re-reading the same story. Because the focus was on Cal & Jane, the scenes that were retold were fresh and gave new perspective to the story that was told in “Letting Go”. It was also fun learning a bit more about James & Cassidy though Cal & Jane telling their story.

As far as the cliffhanger – J.M. Witt I hate you, but I say that in the most loving way! I am not a huge cliffhanger fan, but to be honest, I’m ok with how you left things…for now…so get writing and let us know what happens next!

I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

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