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It's In His Touch by @ShellyCAlexande - New Release @BPICPromos

It's In His Touch
by Shelly Alexander
Series: Red River Valley, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 3, 2015

There’s nothing that Angelique Barbetta can’t handle, no illness she can’t recover from, not one item on her outrageous bucket list that she can’t conquer—not even alligator wrestling! But after discovering her fiancĂ© in a less-than-professional position with their perky assistant, even tough-as-nails Angelique needs a break. Her law firm sends her to Red River to work on a case that should be a piece of cake. Until she meets her sexy neighbor Blake Holloway…one of the proprietors who will lose everything if Angelique wins.

On opposite sides of a hostile legal battle—with a pair of Angelique’s silk undies ending up in Blake’s hands—undeniable chemistry swirls between them. As Blake shows Angelique just what Red River has to offer, her heart begins to melt for the people whose businesses make up the soul of the town. Can she put aside her feelings to win the case? Or will he convince her there’s much more at stake than winning—like love?

Blake’s gaze found Angelique the moment he walked into Cotton Eyed Joe’s, an ice pack pressed to his schnoz. She took a drink from a longneck bottle of beer, then tossed her head back and laughed at something Ella said. Her silky black hair pulled up into a ponytail, wispy tendrils framed her face, flushed from physical activity. Her ebony eyes glistened with amusement that lit her expression. Happy and at ease, she chatted across the table with his cousin, Perry.

When she looked up, the color drained from her face and the merriment in her eyes dimmed. Jesus, he’d never met anyone as competitive as her. She turned into a shark as soon as she stepped onto the court. It was in her stance, her posture, and the steely set of her jaw when she put her hands on her knees in front of the net and challenged him. No wonder she was so good at her job. She probably ate prosecutors alive in the courtroom. Then had the witnesses for dessert.

Yeah. He should tear down the rickety footbridge that connected their properties with his bare hands to put more distance between them. Tomorrow.

Warning bells should be going off in his head right about now because her killer instincts would likely ruin his business and steal his plans for the future.

Blake waved to Dylan McCoy, one of Joe’s full time bartenders, and held up two fingers as he and Coop walked past the long bar. Dylan acknowledged and set two frosty mugs on the tap, pulling the handles.

Blake should protect himself and everyone else in town by exposing Angelique’s purpose here. Unfortunately, her purpose wasn’t what he wanted to reveal. The minute she’d walked into the community center gymnasium wearing those skin tight athletic clothes, he’d wanted to peel every stitch of form-fitting material off her tall, curvy body and feel her exposed skin flush against his.

The old wood floor creaked underfoot as he and Coop made their way to the large group in the back of the room. Soft country music lilted through the cavernous room, and peanut shells crunched under each step. Angelique stole twitchy glances at him as he walked toward the table, and his eyes never left her. Not once.

Train wreck waiting to happen. Don’t even sit by her, idiot. Flashing red and blue lights whirled inside his head. She’s a complication you don’t need in your life. Here in Red River he had all the things that had been lacking during his lonely youth and the years of residency that consumed him twenty-four-seven—an entire town he could call on any time of the day or night, an extended family, a practice where he knew his patients by name. Life was good. He liked his life.

He was also fucking bored. And a little complication named Angelique Barbetta had him using the warning bells and flashing lights for target practice.

An insecure man would probably not just walk but run from a woman like Angelique. A smart man, too. Blake smirked and walked up to the table. He should run from her, but he wasn’t insecure, and right now, he wasn’t acting too smart.

Also in the Series

Book 1: It's In His Heart

Award winning author, Shelly Alexander grew up traveling the world, earned a BBA in Marketing, and landed a corporate job in Dallas, TX before marriage lured her to the beautiful Southwest. After growing up with four older brothers and having three sons of her own, she decided to escape her male-dominated world for some ‘girl time’ by reading romance novels. While reading in the New Mexico sunshine, she began to dream up love stories she’d like to write herself some day.

The years passed with her helping to run the family business, volunteering for every field trip and school function imaginable, and incalculable loads of dirty laundry generated by her three active boys. When she survived invasive breast cancer, she decided it was now or never and bought her first laptop so she could start writing down her stories.

Now she spends her days writing steamy romances while tending to two miniature schnauzers and a pet boa constrictor named Zeus. Her stories feature strong, independent heroines, hot heroes, and hefty doses of humor.

She still attends her three teenage boy’s sports events, school functions, and music performances, but they have learned to do their own laundry, providing her with more time to devote to writing.

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