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Dirty by @ClareJamesBooks - New Release and Giveaway @Barclay_PR

by Clare James
Series: Quick & Dirty, #0.5
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 18, 2016

Gabe Shannon has just been schooled … in the art of kink, that is. 

After a heartbreaking loss, this broken man spins out of control until a whirlwind friendship with a stripper named Tash takes over his life.

With Tash at his side, the two embark on a crazy tour of Chicago’s underground world of pleasure. Yes, he’s gone into a deep, dark, and dirty (make that D.I.R.T.Y.) world that he never really knew existed. And surprisingly, he discovers he likes it. Quite a lot.

But the reserved entrepreneur soon realizes that hanging from the chandeliers every night is not all it’s cracked up to be. Well, it is … but it’d sure be a lot more fun if it meant something.

This erotic tale can be read as an introduction to the Bestselling Quick and Dirty Series, or to learn more about the gorgeous Gabe Shannon anytime during the series. DIRTY is not a mandatory read, but you may enjoy the series more after you roam around in Gabe’s head a bit.

DIRTY tells the story of how Gabe started exploring his dirty side, came to own Club Venus, and met the crazy beautiful Stevie Sinclair.

     “I’ve been spending a lot of time at the bar,” I finally told her, not taking my eyes off the city scene. “And strip club, if you want me to be honest.” It was the truth, and probably expected in some ways. My reasoning, however, was anything but typical.
     “Is it helping?” she asked, while scrawling in her notebook. She was always writing in that damn thing, and I couldn’t stand the sound of it—the dull scratch of pen on paper.  Dr. Fielding, aka the shrink from hell, couldn’t help herself. She dissected every word I said. Of course, she came highly recommended and had an incredible reputation. Yet, frankly, I wasn’t seeing it. I’d been coming here for more than a month and she continued to treat me like I was some kind of depressed teenager or recovering addict, like this stage in my life was just a passing moment. As if I wouldn’t be stuck here forever.
     “No, it’s not fucking helping.” I stood up and faced her, feeling the little control I had left begin to slip away. “And neither are these sessions, Doc.”
     “What do you think would help?” Dr. Fielding didn’t move an inch as I paced the room, stopping to toy with her knickknacks on the bookshelf.
     “Well, Tash –”
     “Your stripper friend?” She interrupted.
     “Well, that’s not how I’d characterize her,” I said, smiling now thinking about how Tasha would put the good doctor in her place after such a comment. “Plus, I think exotic dancer is more apropos these days.”
     “Apologies.” She smirked. “Go on.”
     “As I was saying,” I paused and raised a brow, just to be sure she wouldn’t interrupt me again. “Tasha wants to take me some place new tonight. But she said I needed to keep an open mind.”

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Also in the Series:

Dirty Little Lies, Book One

Dirty Little Tricks, Book Two

Clare James writes contemporary romance and new adult novels with spunky heroines and sexier-than-sin heroes. Her books have made several best-selling lists including the tender love stories in the Impossible Love series; the steamy romantic comedy Dirty Little Lies; and the touching family drama Wednesday. She’s also the author of a new series with Entangled’s Brazen line about the women of Elite PR and their very naughty clients. The first two books in the series are out now!

A former dancer, Clare still loves to get her groove on – mostly to work off her beloved cupcakes and red wine. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and young son, and is always on social media chatting with readers.

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