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Review - Hit the Billionaire Jackpot by Nana Malone & Misty Evans

Hit the Billionaire Jackpot
by Nana Malone & Misty Evans
Series: Hit Wedding, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 8, 2016

As the new president of the 3 Wishes Foundation, Jenna McIntyre gets to make dreams come true for kids with disabilities. Once in awhile, she gets to make her own dreams come true as well. Like meeting her teenage crush, pop star Hawke Thorn, whose angsty songs helped her recover from a hit-and-run accident ten years ago and who is now one of the nominees for the 3 Wishes Donor of the Year event in Las Vegas. Jenna’s based her “ideal man” checklist on Hawke and now has the chance of a lifetime to actually land Hawke himself. But catching Hawke’s eye requires the romantically-challenged Jenna to seek love lessons from the other nominee—sexy, opinionated, billionaire playboy Jacob Swinton.

Jacob Swinton may have a secret soft spot for kids and family, but there’s no way he’s making that public knowledge. His continuing success depends on the world seeing him as a self-possessed, calculating businessman. He’s never had to compete for anything, so when he finds out he’s not a shoe-in for the 3 Wishes foundation Donor of the Year Award, and his competition is drunken, slovenly, pop star Hawke Thorne, Jacob says game on. What's there to worry about? But when Jenna asks him for love lessons, he has no idea the real competition is for her heart.

A fun read with a great mix of sweet, heat, and laughs. When Jenna McIntyre sees a big opportunity to grow her foundation by gaining the support of her rock star Hawk Thorn, who also happens to be her teenage crush, she doesn’t expect to have to turn to the one man who drives her totally crazy to help her land her donor and also maybe a date. Reconciling reality with perception is never easy, and when both Hawk and Jacob show her their true colors, Jenna gets more than she bargained for from both of them.

Jenna was such a great character. She is so determined to prove herself and step up and run the 3 Wishes Foundation, being able to give back and contribute after so many years of people taking care of her. She is proud, but knows when she is in over her head and when to ask for help…even if it means turning to Jacob Swinton, the man who drives her crazy. She’s a bit insecure and rough around the edges, which made her even more likeable. I loved her big heart, and you could feel her emotion whenever she was dealing with the kids and families her foundation supports.

Jacob was all sorts of yummy billionaire – right down to the English accent he still has. He’s smart, driven, and knows what he wants out of life, and Jenna certainly doesn’t fit into his plans.
This woman was barely better than a street urchin, yet every time he was around her his skin itched. And he spent an inordinate amount of time staring at her lips.

Which made no sense whatsoever because he barely even liked her.

Not to mention she was all wrong. He liked his women refined. Cultured. Educated.

Not that Jenna wasn’t smart. She was. After talking to her for more than five minutes, that was apparent. She had a master’s degree, for the love of God. The only problem was getting her to focus. And getting himself to focus around her.
He’s a total control freak and I loved seeing him get all edgy when it came to dealing with Jenna. For a man who’s used to being in control of everything, including his emotions, his inability to control himself when it came to her was fun to watch.

I loved watching Jacob and Jenna get to know each other – you can feel the tension between them from their first meeting and it only escalates as Jacob begins working with Jenna to help her deal with the press and manage her foundation. Their dialogue had me laughing, and I loved that Jenna always seemed to keep it real.
“All I know is I’m bad at this. All of this.” Her frown deepened. “All I ever wanted to do was help these kids, and suddenly I’m in charge and I haven’t got a fucking clue what to do. I can handle the volunteers because I’ve been one for so long; I understand how that works. This other stuff, the managing the donors? Nada. It’s really overwhelming. And fuck, I shouldn’t have just said that to a board member.” She threw up her hands. “I probably shouldn’t have said fuck either.”


“First of all, you’re dealing with me and not my mother, so feel free to let all the fucks fly.”

Jenna’s loud snort of laughter had several patrons turning around. “All the fucks. Right. I’m adding that to my colloquial sayings. You’ve been warned.”

There was some serious heat between these two, and it was fun to watch Jacob take the control he uses in the boardroom and teach Jenna some things in the bedroom, dirty talk and all. Even though there was a bit of angst and a serious “let me slap him aside the head” moment, these two were really great together.

I loved the other characters in the book, from Hawk who turns out to be not so perfect, to some of the characters from the other books, especially Vanessa, who I loved from the last book. The story was very well put together and these two authors write so well together it’s impossible to tell that there was more than one voice creating the story.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend anyone looking for a fun read with a great mix of heat, sweet, and some laughs.

I received a copy of this book from the authors for an honest review.

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