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Untangling the Stars by Alyse Miller @thealysemiller - Pre-Order and Giveaway @BookEnthuPromo

Untangling the Stars
by Alyse Miller
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 23, 2016

Even a bad romance can have a happy ending.

Staying true to her own character has never been a problem for Dr. Alessandra Foxglove. Andie has devoted herself to teaching others, and – not to toot her own horn – she’s damned good at it, too. A beloved college professor and engaged social activist, Andie has her heart – and both her hands – full.

So when celebrity bad boy Guy Wilder wanders into her classroom one day by accident, Andie doesn’t think much of it at first. There are guest speakers at the university on a daily basis – although none as devilishly handsome as primetime’s favorite preternatural lady-killer with lightning bolt blue eyes, Silas Dove. But when he shows up again the next day after a capricious goodbye, Andie begins to see that there’s more going on behind the scenes with this brooding, bad boy star. And even though she’s built a career on analyzing the human reaction to Hollywood’s most sexy and dangerous characters, she can’t help herself from falling under the very same spell she preaches against. Besides, with cheekbones like that, she couldn’t say no if she tried.

     His words didn't register with Andie’s already made up mind. “What?”
     “You don’t understand, Andie. Outside of this room, it isn’t just you and me anymore. It’s everyone—it’s the whole world—and every one of them will be looking at us and judging us—you.”
     “I’m a big girl, Guy. I think I can handle it.”
     “You don’t even know what you’re saying. You have no idea what it’s like to be hounded by fans, chased by the paparazzi, blinded with camera lights. It sucks. I don’t want to put you through that.”
     She should have been relieved, but Andie was the type of woman who, when someone lit her fuse, they were better off just letting it burn off than try to snuff it out. All she managed to hear was that she wasn’t someone worth being caught by the paparazzi with—or worse, that he didn’t want to disappoint his female fans by having a less-than-supermodel perfect girl on his arm (okay, that one was probably her own insecurity screaming out).
     “If you didn’t want to take me out, then why did you even ask me here? I don’t get it.”
     “To get to know you. Isn’t that what you do on a date?”
     “To ‘get to know me’ in your hotel room? That sounds a lot like playing a game to get a girl alone in your fancy hotel room and take her to bed. What kind of girl do you think I am?”
     “You’re twisting my words around, Andie. I’m trying to protect you.”
     Andie couldn’t hide her disdain. She didn’t need or want anyone to protect her, much less some jerk with an overinflated ego. “Sounds like you’re trying to protect yourself.” She made sarcastic air quotes around “protect.” “I didn’t come here to Netflix and chill, Mr. Wilder.”
     Guy’s handsome face twisted into a scowl. His fist hit the edge of the couch and he ripped the tie from his neck and whipped it on the couch. He stalked toward her. There was no grace in his walk this time, no hint of seduction. He simply stepped directly in front of her, glaring down. The yellow in his eyes was ignited in fiery ring, his lips pursed and angry. Andie automatically took a step backward, then recanted and stood her ground. Fine, they were both angry. It was better than playing games. Bring it on, vampire boy.

Alyse Miller is a contemporary women's fiction author with a penchant for romantic and speculative twists. While she writes comfortably across several genres, Alyse especially enjoys writing for a new adult audience and exploring the emotions of romance and the growth of the human spirit as it transitions from adolescence into adulthood.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Women's Fiction Writer's Association, and the Author's Guild. Alyse is currently represented by InkSpell Publishing.

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