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Confessions of the Assistant Extraordinaire by @LottaSmithNovel - Blog Tour and Giveaway @BookEnthuPromo

Confessions of the Assistant Extraordinaire
by Lotta Smith
Series: PI Assistant Extraordinaire Mystery, #1 - #3
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Cozy Mystery/Woman's Fiction
Release Date: March 1, 2016

Get three PI Assistant Extraordinaire Mysteries in a bundle.
More than 100,000 words, humorous mystery books.

Welcome to the glamorous universe of Kelly Kinki—yes, really! Working as a personal assistant of Michael Archangel—the hottest and the wackiest detective in D.C.—her day never ends without dead bodies…

Ghostly Murder 
A murder in a locked room…The faceless ghost… Throw in a cross-dressing detective plus his assistant extraordinaire in this new mystery series!

For Kelly Kinki, working as Archangel’s personal assistant was always an adventure, one that keeps her on her toes. As the resident consulting detective for the busy Washington D.C. Police Department and the FBI, Archangel took the confusing or unsolvable situations and spun a Sherlock hue over them, finding answers amongst the clues and closing cases even the most skilled law enforcement agents found confounding. Working as both his assistant and sounding board, Kelly has an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Archangel’s deduction, and of his fabulous closet. Not only is he a detective savant, he is also a towering specimen of a man with an appetite for women’s high fashion that could put a runway model to shame – a fact that leaves his less-fashionable assistant flummoxed, and slightly jealous.

It’s a classic ‘who-done-it’ with a not so classic answer.

Immortal Eyes 
Serial murder with a sick ritual... The Dragon Lady...and the mismatched duo's race against time...

Previously a socialite and a ‘real’ housewife, Kelly Kinki is now stuck with a dead-end job as a personal assistant to a private investigator. To Kelly, this translates as playing second fiddle to a guy who gets more cat-calls than she does.

Michael Archangel is his name, catching killers is what he does, and he does it in...well, a short skirt and high heels. As a former FBI Special Agent turned P.I., Archangel knows his way around a crime scene as well as he does the local Agent Provocateur. His game de jour is toying with Kelly, his assistant—just like cat and mouse. However, they're a team, whether fending off rude paparazzi or manhandling the politicians, freaks, and other lowlifes roaming the streets of the nation's capital, the two are hell-bent on finding a serial killer who is holding the city hostage.

Join Archangel, Kelly, and a host of oddball characters as they wind their way through a madcap crime thriller, with more twists and turns than a mind-bender roller coaster. Kelly's story is filled with raucous humor and irreverent satire, so buckle up. Who'll solve the crime, and who will take the credit? Perhaps all the investigators will get for their trouble is a full color splash on the cover of the Washington Post, "Latest Victims Discovered in Matching Frocks - One Male, One Female".

Deadly Vision 
A murder of a sweetie pie… A newbie, pathetic agent…and the reluctant mentor…

Voted #7 of DC’s Most Eligible Bachelors, now Michael Archangel—her boss—is officially the hottest PI in the neighborhood, and one of the most talented. Sought by clients and police alike for his wit and brain power, this is an American Sherlock with style – and a unique past.

The college girl was last seen at Tricky Sundae, a local ice cream shop, and then she turns up dead. This time, the case seems so normal, at first. The victim, a universally-loved college student, has been strangled. Well, maybe not so “universally” loved, since she’s dead—and that’s the weird part. Not a single person has anything bad to say about her.

Excerpt from ‘Immortal Eyes—Book 2 of PI Assistant Extraordinaire Mystery’

     When I walked to the poolside, he was in the lap pool, swimming in freestyle. He noticed me and came out of the water, and I had a seriously hard time ripping my eyes off him.
     I’d never regarded Michael Archangel to be an eligible male, but believe me, with broad shoulders, Herculean chest, six-pack abs, and full of toned muscles, his body was purrrrfect. I needed a helluva lot of restraint to keep myself from drooling. In front of me stood Michael Archangel, wearing nothing other than black swim trunks. Mom was right. My employer was an alpha male, at least in the physical features department. Except I had no idea as to how she had figured out the presence of his … equipment. And frankly, I didn’t want to know.
     “Hey,” he said.
     For a couple of heartbeats—maybe several of them—my mind wandered off, thinking: Gosh, I want to jump his bone right now and Get a grip, Kelly. Having a crush on your employer is so awkward!  It was like the moment of having an angel and a demon sitting on each of your shoulders spatting at each other. Words failed to come out of me. I was standing there like a total moron.
     “Earth to Kelly.” Archangel stared down at me with a look that implied he knew what I was thinking. “Don’t tell me you’re hallucinating.” Droplets of water trickled from the knotted bun of his long hair, down to his shoulders and further to the south.
     “Hallucinating? Oh no, it’s just…well, you know…looks like I zoned out a little. Maybe it’s just jetlag. Yes, it’s only jetlag. How strange! I used to fly all over the world, never having difficulties adjusting to local time, and now I’m having it for the first time. I mean, a jetlag. It’s been years since I’d last flown over the pond.” Thank God I was wearing a padded bra that worked perfectly to conceal my fully erected nipples.
     A slight smile surfaced on his lips. “So what’s going on?”

Lotta Smith loves funny novels, TV series, movies, and L.A. hair metal bands. She was born and reared in Japan, the home of ninja, geisha, and Godzilla. When she was young she often witnessed hordes of Godzillas annihilating the city of Kyoto with fire breath.

After surviving a series of Godzilla attacks, she went to medical school hoping to see real corpses and sexy professors. She got to see the corpses, but sexy professors were nonexistent.

When she's not writing, she's making travel itineraries.


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