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Jordan's Way by Barbara Cutrera @CutreraB - Book Blitz and Giveaway @BookEnthuPromo

Jordan's Way
by Barbara Cutrera
Series: The Gift Series, #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2016

Jordan, daughter of the famed healer Collum, has always taken pride in her independent nature and in the fact that she’s the only woman on the planet Etherea who possesses “the healer’s gift.” She finds acceptance, excitement, and purpose by treating soldiers in war camps. Jordan is comfortable with her uniqueness and doesn’t believe she needs the love of any man in order to be fulfilled.

When she begins to have premonitions and is captured by enemy soldiers, Jordan becomes embroiled in a quest to save the great-niece of her King, a child who is the product of rape and is being used as a pawn by her own father. Noah, the King’s bastard son, is not only intent on saving his infant cousin and avenging the murder of her mother, but he also knows he’s the ideal match for Jordan. Like her, he’s respected but is also set apart from others. Unlike her, his separateness results from the circumstances of his birth and from the berserker rages he succumbs to during battles.

Jordan and Noah come to understand that love and desire are the most important tools they have in their own quest to stay alive and together. But a twisted part of Noah’s past will threaten his life and sanity. If Jordan can’t heal him, body and soul, then her final premonition will come true. If it does, then both of the lovers are doomed. Jordan refuses to accept that outcome, but her strength of will may not be enough to prevent tragic events from robbing her of the future she longs to have with Noah.

     Noah wrapped one arm around Jordan’s waist and roughly pulled her against him. She could feel his stiff shaft pressing on her back and said, “No one will come looking for us here, not if we don’t linger for too long. You want to be in me?  Be in me now.”
     Despite the cold day, both Jordan and Noah were soon naked. The only thing Jordan didn’t remove was the necklace with the amethyst pendant the King had given her, the one she never took off. They spread their cloaks on the dirt floor. Light filtered through cracks in the boards that made up the walls and crude roof. Noah pulled Jordan to him, kissed her, and then quickly guided her down until she was on her hands and knees on the cloaks. Before she could ask her husband what he needed her to do, he pushed his cock inside her.
     Noah pulled the cord that bound her long braid and released her honey blonde hair before fisting some of it in one of his hands. Holding her hip with the other, he pounded into her. He was forceful and relentless. Jordan climaxed shortly thereafter, but Noah didn’t stop. She came a second time. Still, he thrust again and again but didn’t come. When she came a third time, he spilled in her. His orgasm seemed to go on for an eternity, and she welcomed it, not only because she wanted him to have relief but also because she was becoming sore.
     When Noah withdrew from her, Jordan stiffly turned, sat, lay on her back, and then gazed up at him. He remained as he was and stared down at her, his dark eyes hooded.  He seemed drained but calm.
     “Violet eyes,” he murmured tiredly. “I love your violet eyes and everything else about you. You heal my soul, even if it’s only temporary. You give me a respite from my pain. Promise me that you’ll never leave me.”
     “Never,” she assured him, as her fingers traced along the designs on one of his tattooed arms.
     “Not even if the beast drives me mad?”
     “It won’t. I won’t let it.”

Born and raised in Louisiana, Barbara Cutrera was destined to be a storyteller. The author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, fiction, and mystery novels, she became addicted to reading and creative writing at an early age. She moved to Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband, son, and Cairn terrier in 2004 and enjoys its relaxed, diverse atmosphere. Barbara, who is visually impaired, believes our minds are only limited by the restrictions we place upon them. She has a passion for writing, reading, family, friends, music, Nutella, and A & W Cream Soda.

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