Monday, March 7, 2016

F*THS by GL Tomas @RebelliousCupid - Release Blitz & Giveaway @BookEnthuPromo

by G.L. Tomas
Series: Friends That Have Sex Series
Genre: Interracial Erotic Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 29, 2016

Teddy had two rules—Live for the moment and never look back.

With wealth, good looks and confidence at her fingertips, nothing was going to stop her from living life to the fullest. Not even the secret she’s been forced to live with.

When Asher Rose met Teddy King, he knew it’d be trouble but it was just the kind of trouble he didn’t mind himself falling in, what he didn’t plan was falling hard for the girl no one could tame.

What happens when you take a trip on this sexy ride? An intense, messy and wild ride all the way down.


I’d made trouble for myself, but Reggie wasn’t my boyfriend and made no plans to be. I kept thinking there was some bro code between them I’d just helped Asher break. Thinking about it now, I couldn’t concentrate on much else. I remembered the way Asher’s callused hands caressed and rubbed against my skin. How the barbell of his ring had felt massaging my tongue. The look in his eyes when…

I needed to stop. But I didn’t want to. If I hadn’t been at that billiards spot that night, I would’ve never seen Reggie. Then I would’ve never met Asher. I’d noticed him, noticing me. I’d even thought about him. But experiencing him was on a whole other level I wasn’t ready for.

Guinevere is the G. Libertad is the L. Seems fitting to go by GL Tomas as twin coauthors with a mission. They’re mostly known by their platform Twinja Book Reviews, a review blog that supports and promotes diversity in YA titles and speculative fiction, but they hope to successfully cross genres successfully with their romance debut Same Page.

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