Thursday, August 9, 2018

Moon Crossed: Complete First Season by @BellaRoccaforte - Book Tour

Moon Crossed: Complete First Season
by Bella Roccaforte
Series: Crescent Hunter, #1
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: April 17, 2018

"For Though we dwell in the same darkness our song will forever be a discordant symphony, barely perceived." 

The first six books in the Crescent Hunter Series!

Claire O'Conlan is a hunter, her kind were created to protect humans from feral werewolves. She's desperate to find a cure for the moon-touch. Until she does, the hunt won't stop.

Despite being raised among supernatural creatures, Claire is determined to make college as normal as possible. But childhood habits die hard. She can't seem to stay away from the wolf-borne, and worse, she's falling in love with Cole Jackson, the big bad wolf.

Claire can't resist the undeniable fire Cole ignites within her. They are falling headlong into a forbidden love affair. Hunter and wolf, a dangerous combination inciting war between factions, action from the council and the biggest risk of all, Claire fulfilling her duty and being the hunter that kills Cole.

***This book contains some adult language and violence and is PG13***

Bella's motto has always been that you can choose to watch life pass you by or your can be the one spinning the world. You have to get out and live, life won't come to you!

Bella has always seen things in the world with a different view and has been an avid story-teller. She is enjoying putting her crazy musings.

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