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Review - Through the Fire by Katie Ruggle

Through the Fire
by Katie Ruggle
Series: Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit, #4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 28, 2018 

He’s tall.
He’s dark.
He’s brutally handsome…
And he may be her only hope.

Kit Jernigan despairs of ever fitting in with her new tight-knit K9 unit—they've been through too much to welcome a stranger. So when a killer strikes, it’s a fight to convince her fellow officers to trust her long enough to catch the woman she knows is responsible.

She can’t do it on her own. What she needs most is a partner: local fire spotter Wesley March.

Wes knows in his heart that Kit is right, and he's willing to leave his lonely tower to help her prove it. But the more time they spend together, the hotter the fire smolders…and the more danger they're in. A member of the K9 unit's inner circle is determined to have her revenge—no matter who gets burned in the process.

This time, it's personal.

Another action-packed read that had just the right mix of romance and suspense - it was hard to put this one down!

After the ending of the last book in the series I wasn’t sure what else could possibly happen in Monroe, and I just loved how this story played out. Introducing Kit as a new character was the perfect way to tie up all the loose ends and bring closure to this series, adding the right ingredient to keep the series fresh. Kit was awesome – she was fierce, had such a way with people and animals, and was the perfect addition to the group of alpha males that this series has focused on.

Wes had that smart, sexy, and just a bit dorky thing going, and even though he was a bit socially awkward – all right, maybe more than just a bit – he was still able to make connections with people…especially when those people included Kit. I loved the banter between Wes and Kit – she definitely got him and even from their first meeting you knew there was going to be great chemistry between the two.
“I’ll help,” the mountain man said. “Otherwise, the trailer will end up stuck in the snow.”

She frowned, pretty sure he’d just insulted her. “Help how?”

“I’ll do the math, and you can drive. Together, problem solved.” He swept his arm to the side in a dramatic wave that erased her lingering tension, making it impossible to be intimidated. With his enormous bulk and shaggy beard, she hadn’t expected him to be so wonderfully dorky. He was like a nerdy, math-loving Sasquatch. Any lingering insecurities dredged up earlier were flushed away. She’d be willing to bet a lot of money that this guy hadn’t been one of the popular kids in high school, either. No, this guy had been getting stuffed into lockers right alongside Kit.

She eyed his broad shoulders. At least, he’d been stuffed in lockers until he’d hit a growth spurt.


“Turn the wheel eighteen degrees to the left,” the man called, and she darted a glance at him in the mirror. He didn’t look like he was joking. With a small shrug, she did as he suggested – or as close as she could manage. From his exasperated look, that wasn’t precise enough for him. “I said eighteen degrees, not twenty-six.”

Instead of annoying her, she found the mild scolding amusing, and she gave him an apologetic wave as she straightened the wheel slightly. It must’ve been acceptable to Mr. Tall, Hairy, and Exacting, because he gave a slight nod.

“Now continue backing for four feet and eleven inches.”
In the middle of Kit and Wes’s romance is the danger that seems to follow every time a new woman shows up at Jules’s house. Kit finds herself right in the middle of things, so not only is she trying to fit into the tight-knit group of the K9 Unit that Theo, Hugh, and Otto make up, she’s also become a target herself. It was great to see Kit go toe to toe with the guys, standing her ground and not letting them box her out, and trusting her gut on things. I also loved that Wes saw Kit as the capable and competent officer she was, letting her do her job and following her lead, offering support when she needed but not getting in her way.

My only complaint about this one is with the cover. This story focuses on Kit, who is a female, and I wish the cover would have represented that. I don’t mind a hot guy, but I just wish that for this book the cover would have been different.

All in all, a great end to this series that I would highly recommend.

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher via NetGalley which I voluntarily reviewed.

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