Sunday, August 19, 2018

Review - To Have and to Harley by Regina Cole

To Have and to Harley
by Regina Cole
Series: Bikers and Brides, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 7, 2018

You may now kiss the biker

Bethany Jernigan owes her bestie. Big time. So when wedding planning overburdens the bride-to-be, Bethany steps in to handle the nitty-gritty. But the guy in charge isn’t anything like she imagined. He's gruff, tattooed, and 100% male. His staff is even rougher around the edges, and it's not long before she feels as if she's stepped into some kind of crazy alternate reality.

Are those…bikers? Arguing about wedding favors?

Trey Harding never wanted this to get so out of hand. One little lie somehow snowballed into a world of dresses and flowers and food and holy-hell-he's-in-over-his-head. But it’s not like he can confess he’s not the wedding planner he’s pretending to be—especially now that he's falling for the maid of honor! His charade is becoming a farce, and as engines rev and ribbons fly, Trey’s running out of time to figure out how to tell the truth without losing his new family, his crew…or the woman of his dreams.

After reading the blurb for this one I had to check it out -bikers as wedding planners seemed like a fun read. Unfortunately, this one fell a bit flat for me and ended up being just…meh…and really wasn’t my type of book. I think it had a lot of potential and really liked some of the story, but at times the story seemed all over the place and lacked a feeling of continuity to tie all the various plot lines and subplots together. There were some really great secondary characters and I think the series may have potential, but the initial setup for the series was a bit too awkward for me.

I received an advance reader copy from the publisher via NetGalley which I voluntarily reviewed.

2 Stars

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