Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Faith by Elizabeth Hayes @EHayesAuthor - New Release @BuoniAmiciPress

by Elizabeth Hayes
Series: Hades Angels, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 26, 2018


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer my life changed in an instant. My once clear path was now going 100 miles an hour into the pitch black unknown. I couldn’t stop nor change it. I was in the driver seat, yet I couldn’t steer back on course. My life was never going to be the same. I lost friends and refused to make new ones. I refused to let anyone in.

I lived an empty void of existence.

The day the doctor muttered the word remission my path changed yet again. I knew, however, at any moment it could change back. I needed to find myself and purpose in life.

One day it all changed. I found myself in a place most would look down on. A place where I wasn’t pitied or treated like a piece of glass. It's was where I met him. Where I would find myself. This is my story and how I became Faith.

Today was the first day of my double life. The first day I was doing something for me. Yet I couldn’t help the fear that had worked its way in. Fear of showing myself in a different light. I was putting all my insecurities on the table. Sitting on the end of my bed looking at my suitcase I had packed everything into, it was now or never. I stood up and threw my shoulders back grabbing the handle and dragging it out the door. 

The entire drive I questioned everything I was about to do. Yet nothing made me turn around. I wasn’t going to let a little fear scare me from doing anything. Not anymore. Especially knowing that I may not have another chance at doing anything. My next test results may end up what I feared most but that was the old me, living in fear.  Today was the first step in changing that. I would take that fear and make it my bitch.

 I pulled into the parking lot of Hades Angels and found a parking spot. Stepping out of the car, I felt my nerves slowly start to drift away. I smiled and pulled my suitcase out of the back seat and made my way inside the club. 

 “Hey, you’re here!” Ella smiled at me as I walked past her.

“I am.” I smiled back.

“Just so you know, I like to bet the DJ whether or not new girls will show up and work and you just made me twenty bucks.”

“You bet whether or not I was going to show up?” I questioned her.

“Yup, and here you are. I win.” She laughed. “Have fun!” she said as I walked past her.

I just shook my head as I walked to the dressing room. When I opened the door, there were a few girls already there.  I found an empty chair and set my suitcase down.

“Hey, you're new, huh?” One of the girls said as she sat down in the chair next to me.


“I’m Melody.” She smiled then turned to look at herself in the mirror.


“So Faith, are you new-new or new-to-here new?”

“I’ve never danced before.”

“Oh, so you’re really new-new.” Her eyes lit up as she looked at me.

“Yeah.” I smiled back and sat down in the chair.

“Okay, so since your new-new, let me give you a little piece of advice. Keep the innocent, I don’t know what I’m doing, as long as you can. Guys like that shit. 

Elizabeth Hayes lives in the middle of nowhere Iowa where she freeze’s her ass off in the winter and sweats to death in the summer. She lives with her husband and two kids. Five dogs, ten cats (even though she is allergic), fifty plus chickens, two little pigs and a few fish.

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