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Review - Deadly Target by Misty Evans

Deadly Target
by Misty Evans
Series: Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce, #7
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 18, 2018

Can he protect her from becoming the killer’s last, and ultimate, target?

Good Catholic girls stay out of trouble, but when your father is a hitman for the mafia, trouble comes looking for you. Worlds collide in this mafia romance, the ninth book in the SCVC Taskforce Romantic Suspense Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans.

West Coast FBI Director Victor Dupé’s personal mission is to stand up to bullies and protect the weak. Being a powerful leader, though, has its drawbacks – he must keep his own vulnerable side hidden and not let anyone get too close. He aces that every day, until the first moment he meets Olivia Fiorelli and realizes he’s found someone worth the risk of opening his heart to.

US Marshall Olivia Fiorelli has only one goal in life – destroy organized crime. Doing so might help her sleep at night and alleviate the guilt she feels over the murders her hitman father has committed. Running a dangerous undercover sting leads her to Victor Dupé’s doorstep – and sets a deadly plot into motion.

As their explosive desire erupts, the two race against a killer who hides in the shadows, viciously taking his personal revenge on Victor and those closest to him. The director has finally found someone worth holding on to, but will Olivia become the killer’s last, and ultimate, target?

Another action-packed read from Misty Evans that delivers on both the romance and the suspense!

It was only a matter of time before Victor Dupé met his match, and his time has come! Victor has always been the rock of the SCVC Taskforce. He considers his team his family, so it’s no surprise that he takes things personally when someone starts gunning for them. Olivia Fiorelli has based every move in her life around being able to take down organized crime syndicates. When her US Marshall path leads her to Victor, the lines get blurred between the job and her heart, and there’s one thing she knows for sure…it’s that her head is on board with what her heart wants – and what it wants is Victor.

These two were so perfect for each other. There’s a whole bunch of things that are standing in the way of their happy ever after, but I loved the trust that each put in the other, especially when it came to their jobs. Victor doesn’t hesitate when he needs Olivia’s help, and Olivia doesn’t think twice when getting involved and supporting Victor and his team. And as the mystery unravels and the case has some twists and turns, watching these two navigate their way through the suspects and players kept me on the edge of my seat. And watching Olivia jump in to take care of Victor’s dog Taz – even going so far as to take him to work and “disguise” him as a police dog – made me love Olivia even more.
Olivia took Taz with her when she went to work. The Monday morning meeting was the first thing on the day’s agenda, so she went in early and rummaged through the back area containing tactical gear. There in one of the boxes, she found a police dog vest she attached to Taz.

At first, he didn’t seem too keen on the idea, standing there giving her an odd look with his head cocked and his ears up as if to say, “What the hell?”

“If you want to hang out with me, you have to make concessions,” she told him. “As of this moment, you are a special deputy marshal K9.”

He turned his head and sniffed the vest, but then put his ears down and wagged.

That’s settled. “Good. Do what I tell you and we won’t’ have any problems. Got it?”


“Shut the door,” her supervisor said as she and the dog entered.

She did, leaning against it and hoping this would be quick. Maybe the best defense was a strong offense. As in, steer the topic of conversation right from the start. “Did you hear about the DEA officer who was shot in San Diego yesterday and the bomb explosion this morning that killed an agent?”

He shuffled some papers on his desk, avoiding her eyes, as if she were insignificant. “What’s with the dog?”

She sighed mentally. Her distraction had been worth a try. “I’m dog sitting, and he’s trained, so I brought him along.”

“Trained in what, chasing tennis balls?”

She kept bluffing. “He’s a trained police dog.”

“And I’m Santa Claus,” Navarro said.
It was great to see so many of the SCVC Taskforce members again – even though it wasn’t always under the best of circumstances. And I loved meeting Victor’s family – his mother and sisters were so much fun! And even Olivia’s hitman father gained a bit of redemption in my eyes – there’s nothing like a father’s love for his daughter, even if that father murders people for a living!

Even though this is book 7 in a series, it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend starting the series in the beginning since there is an overall series arc and keeping all the players straight can be a little bit confusing at times. The action keeps the book moving, and even though things happen fast, the plot unravels at a great pace to really enjoy the mystery surrounding the attacks and the romance between Victor and Olivia.

As I’ve said before, Misty Evans is a must read for any romantic suspense lover – make that any lover of romance or a lover of suspense!

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