Monday, November 18, 2019

Review - Of Spirits and Superstition by Nyx Halliwell

Of Spirits and Superstition
by Nyx Halliwell
Series: Sister Witches of Raven Falls, #4
Genre: Coxy Paranormal Mystery
Release Date: November 19, 2019

I see dead people...but I'm in big trouble when I become a ghost myself.

I'm Winter Whitethorne, psychic medium, and I find it easier to get along with the dead than the living. I've perfected invisibility spells so I can 'ghost' humans I don't particularly like. Haunted by spirits who refuse to cross over, I struggle to act "normal" and not give into the bad luck that clings to me as deftly as my ghostly hitchhikers.

When my boyfriend, Ronan, is attacked three days before Yule, leaving him in a magickal coma, I accidentally discover my destiny is far bigger than talking to dead people. Not only can I reach across the veil and communicate with them, I have the ability to raise them and change the very fabric of the world. There's no invisibility spell that's going to solve that problem.

With my ghost cat familiar, Shade, as well as Persephone, a snarky new spirit guide who has a thing for '70s sitcoms, I embark on a journey to return Ronan's spirit to his body and stop a magickal disaster prophesied to take place on Yule.

But can I save my one true love and fix magick when I, too, end up a ghost?

“Ghosts are easy. People drive me crazy.” – Winter Whitethorne
Another great read from Nyx Halliwell that delivers magic, mystery, humor, and romance!

This series has been building up to this final battle and I just loved watching Winter come into her own, accept all her gifts, and fight to save her boyfriend and the world…all with her sisters, family, friends, and familiars by her side. I was curious how Winter’s powers would be woven into this series, and Halliwell did not disappoint with the tale she has crafted. Winter has been afraid to accept her power, but when she embraces all that she is, she was one tough woman who wasn’t going to stop until she set things right and saved the world and her man.

I just love this world that Halliwell has created. She has mixed just the right potion of mystery, magic, humor, and heart to deliver a wonderful story and series that truly represents everything that a paranormal cozy mystery should be. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend you start from the beginning and enjoy the whole series!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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