Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Goodbye Guy by Natasha Moore - New Release and Giveaway

The Goodbye Guy
by Natasha Moore
Series: Men of Lakeside, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2020

Rachel Bradford is finally living her dream as the star of her own interior design show. But ratings are slipping, and if she wants to save the show, she has to set an episode in the hometown she fled. Worst of all, she’s going to have to work with the cocky bad boy who humiliated her.

Single dad, Beckett Colburn plans to turn an old fire station into a neighborhood bar. He’s blindsided when he discovers his family made a deal to turn his dream into a reality TV project. He’d rather run into a burning building than work with his childhood nemesis–on camera.

But it’s not easy with a TV crew in town stirring up trouble, spreading rumors, creating buzz. Not to mention the inconvenient sudden attraction that sparks every time Rachel and Beckett fight.

“Hope you don’t mind your picture all over Facebook and Instagram,” Rachel told him, nodding her head toward the upright cell phones.

Beckett glanced around. “How do you stand it?”

“Necessary evil. Try to keep smiling.”

He glared as he looked around the room.

“I can picture the captions now,” Rachel said. “Is the owner of the next Rachel Touch project unhappy before the work even begins? Are Beckett Colburn and Rachel Bradford fighting already? You might regret that growly look on your face when it shows up on everyone’s phones and they start sharing all over the world.”


“All right, I don’t need to hear any more.” Beckett pasted a fake smile on his face and glanced around at all the people he knew. Rachel was right. The rumor mill in Lakeside was notorious. Ginny would tell him to embrace the attention.

Rachel lived with this kind of attention all the time. One would think she actually enjoyed it. He glanced at her bright eyes and natural smile. He couldn’t forget she worked in “reality” TV. She was a talented actress as well as a designer. Beck couldn’t imagine cameras in his face all the time, strangers thinking they were entitled to get their noses up in his business, zero privacy. Her life, her career depended on cameras and nosy people. It was the definition of hell to him.

“Once the crew gets here cameras will be following us around all the time.” Rachel went on.

What the…? “Is that normal? I thought they just filmed the renovation property.”

“They film in different locations all the time. Even more so for this episode. The whole point is to build the buzz.”

Beck felt mighty growly at the moment. Buzz. He was tired of that word already. “I thought the whole fucking point was to design my bar.”

“Careful.” Rachel put her hand over his, and he hated the exciting thrill that traveled through his body at her touch. “Camera phones pick up audio, too.”

He leaned close so she could hear his whisper. Was that smoky vanilla scent Rachel, or a coffee they were brewing? “I hate this already.”

“Why do you hate cameras so much?” Her voice was low and slow, almost seductive. “Do you have something to hide?”

He might have actually growled. “Are you looking to dig up dirt?”

She met him halfway across the tiny table. Her lips were shiny, her lashes lush. “Would I find something buried there if I did?”

He should have known she was in Lakeside for more than her design skills. He didn’t doubt she’d do anything she could to stir up shit for her show. “I don’t have anything more to hide than you do. Just think, if there’d been a camera in the fire station that night, whose actions would have caused the most buzz?”

She snatched her hand back and it pissed him off that he missed her touch. “But there was no camera there that night, was there? Nothing but your lies to create plenty of buzz all over town.”

Natasha Moore fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read. She’s the author of more than twenty romances, and believes that stories of love and hope are important. Love can happen at any age and she often writes about vibrant and passionate characters finding love later in life. She’s a snowbird, spending the winters in sunny Florida, and the rest of the year in beautiful western New York with her real life hero who is happy to tell everyone that he’s her inspiration.

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