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Review - Sedona Scandal by Lisa Kessler

Sedona Scandal
by Lisa Kessler
Series: Sedona Pack, #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2020

Chandler Williams keeps his personal life very separate from his public life as a news anchor, but the story he's chasing right now seems to lead him on a collision course with not only exposing himself as a jaguar shifter, but potentially his entire Pack. He should drop it, but after meeting with the woman with stormy silver eyes he can't turn back.

Wendy Cain still has nightmares of the night she was bitten by a werewolf and changed forever, and she's determined to find a cure even if it means becoming a lab rat for the government. When she brings her story to her favorite investigative news anchor, one touch turns her world upside down. Her wolf recognizes her mate. But loving him could be the end for both of them.

Love and acceptance do not come easy in this installment of the Sedona Pack. Lisa Kessler once again crafts a story that has suspense and mystery, and heart and heat, wrapped up in her signature style that has the emotion of the story in every word on the page.

Watching Chandler and Wendy work through their issues and find peace with who they were, as well as finding the love, support, and acceptance they craved, was wonderful. They both have had to deal with being bitten and changed, so having Chandler there to support Wendy and understand what she was going through was great. My heart went out to Wendy - she has lost everyone and is convinced she has become a monster and needs to be cured. And as much as she was convinced there was no other solution to her problem (of being a werewolf), I loved her unconditional acceptance of things when she finds that she has a reason to accept her wolf. And I really loved Chandler helping her see herself for the strong person she was and how her wolf just makes her stronger.
I crossed my arms, frowning. “What?”

He looked me up and down. “Just waiting for you to stop being a victim.”

I shoved him back a step. “Screw you.” He surprised me by pushing me back. My jaw went slack for a second as anger smoldered in my belly. “Why are you being an asshole?”

“Why are you forgetting you’re a badass werewolf?” he goaded me, his hands beckoning me to attack him again.

“I’m not a badass anything. I’m a stupid heiress that almost put a target on the backs of my dead brother’s children!” I shouted as tears fed my rage.

“Bullshit.” Frustration lined his face. “I saw that white wolf on Lookout Mountain. The wolf stared right at me, taunting me, daring me to come closer. That wolf is inside of you, Wendy.”

I blinked. The plane. “That was you?”

“Yeah.” He kept his stance wide and baited me to come at him again. “And that wolf…She’s not afraid of anything. Stop holding her back.”
The other characters in the book helped not only tell Chandler and Wendy’s story, but also helped shed more light on Evolution Defense, moving that series arc forward. The pack is in some serious danger and Lisa Kessler always finds a way to balance the love story and the suspense so that neither get overshadowed. Wendy played a major part in helping the Pack get some answers and it will be interesting to see how all of the parts come together to finally resolve who is behind things and just how high up things go.

I can’t wait for the next installment to learn more about Evolution Defense and watch the next pack-member find their mate. I am a huge fan of Lisa Kessler and especially love her wolves, and highly recommend her books for any paranormal and/or suspense lovers or anyone who loves a story that is packed with emotion and will give you all the feels!

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