Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Pride Within by Amanda Kimberley - New Release

The Pride Within
by Amanda Kimberley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2020

Levi Reis inherited more than he bargained for when Layla Gallo, showed up on his doorstep. His great uncle left him the castle, the kingdom, and the ability to shift into a lion at will.

With the help of his fated mate, Layla, will he be able to summon his pride from within to free her from the clutches of Abel? And can he kill the rival lion shifter in time to protect what is his?

Amanda Kimberley (Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom) has been writing for three decades and is a no-nonsense nonfiction nationally recognized award-winning author, blogger, and poet by day, who focuses mostly on the health condition known as fibromyalgia, due to her own diagnosis in late 2005.

By night, she dons her bathrobe and enjoys typing out paranormal romances at her white marble desk. She likes to nibble on chocolate and potato chips while drawing out her characters with music from her iPhone in the background.

Amanda recently has become a Smashwords, USA Today HEA bestselling author and an RWA PAN author.

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