Saturday, September 26, 2020

Review - Beastly Book of Spells by Nyx Halliwell

Beastly Book of Spells
by Nyx Halliwell
Series: Once Upon a Witch, #2
Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Release Date: September 25, 2020

A fairytale retelling of Beauty & the Beast! Books, magick, and a beastly mystery will create havoc in Belle’s enchanted world!

I have THE best witchy power ever… Books talk to me.

I’ve been curious about book aficionado Leo Kingsley since we first met, and it’s not only because I want to check out his famous library. My witchy power is aching to see what his books have to tell me.

But things get really interesting when I find a "normal" book. As in mute. As in not speaking to me. This NEVER happens. Needing to know what it has to say, I approach Leo, unknowingly setting off a magickal chain of events that lead to a beast of a secret, and I’m not just referring to the wild animals that begin suddenly attacking the townsfolk.

Can I uncover the mystery of who is controlling them and why? Or will this hairy situation be too much for me to handle? 

With a fun twist on Beauty & the Beast, Nyx Halliwell has delivered a fun retelling that was hard to put down! With a colorful cast of characters and a fast-paced plot with murder, magick, romance, and mystery, Beastly Book of Spells was a great read!

I just loved Belle and her magick. How fun would it be to have a book - or for that matter, all the books on your shelves - talk to you? I loved her acceptance of Leo, how it was clear she saw past his “beastly” exterior even when those around would shy away from him. Leo was such an enigma and it was hard to get a good read on him at first. He very wealthy and it shows in his manners and speech, so I wasn’t quite sure how he and Belle would fit together, but in the end, it was all a matter of their hearts, which fit together perfectly!
I wish I could ease his pain, but I don’t know how. “The people we love never truly leave us.”


I join him at the window. “You’re worthy of love.”

“I’m cursed, Belle. I know it.” He waves his hand towards the shelves. “I’ve spent every minute I can trying to find a way to break it, and I still haven’t figured it out.”

He turns to me, taking my hands and bringing them up to his chest. “My search has led me to you. I believe you’re the one who is going to save me.”

The Sherwood family is proving to be filled with interesting and unique characters and I can’t wait to find out more about each of them. There is an overarching story arc that has to do with a hidden room and some old spell books, and I can’t wait to see how that subplot is woven into future books and begins to be unraveled. And Aunt Matilda and Uncle Odin are just priceless so I hope we get to spend more time with them as this series progresses.

The mystery itself was a bit on the darker (not too dark!) side, mostly since this tale involved some very dark magick. With a stolen spell book, a murder in town, and some be-spelled beasts, there was no shortage of suspense and action as Belle, with Leo by her side, decides to do her own investigation into what is going on.

This was a fast, fun read that had me turning the pages and enjoying every word. With magick, mystery, and romance, this would be a great read for anyone!

I read this book using Kindle Unlimited.

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