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Trust Fund Fiancé by Naima Simone - New Release and Giveaway

Trust Fund Fiancé
by Naima Simone
Series: Texas Cattleman’s Club: Rags to Riches, #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 1, 2020

An intriguing proposal mixes romance and finance…

His friend needs a fiancé to claim a fortune.

But they both know it’s about more than money…

Ezekiel Holloway’s proposition could save his friend Reagan Sinclair’s inheritance and give her the freedom she craves. But when family scandals force Ezekiel to end their fake engagement, the heiress comes up with a counterproposal—and they elope to Vegas after all! Is there something more than mere convenience at stake here?

“Marry me.”

Ezekiel stared at Regan, struck speechless. Dozens of questions bombarded him, and he mentally waded through them, finally settling on the most important one. “What?”

“Marry me,” she repeated, closing the short distance between them, not stopping until her hands fisted the lapels of his suit jacket, her thighs braced against his and that honeysuckle scent embraced him like a long-lost lover.

He swallowed a groan at her nearness, at the feel of her body pressed to his. Lust, hot and hungry, punched him in the gut, then streamed through him in a swollen flood. Desperate to place distance between them so he could f*cking think, he gripped her hips to set her away from him. But touching her backfired. Instead of pushing her back, he held her close, his body rebelling and taking control. Two weeks. It’d been two long weeks.

“Reagan,” he rumbled.

“No, Zeke. Don’t give me all the reasons why we shouldn’t. I don’t care. Do you know where I just came from?” she asked, switching topics with a lightning speed that left him floundering. Between that and his *ick finding cushion against her stomach, he couldn’t keep up. “I just left a restaurant where my father arranged for me to have lunch with Justin McCoy.”

“The hell?” His grip on her tightened. Douglas had set her up with that a**hole?

“Yes.” Reagan nodded as if reading his mind. “Apparently my father considered him a more suitable match than you. A man who uses and throws away women for his own gain rather than you, a man who has been nothing but honorable and unfailingly kind and respectful. I had enough. I walked away from him and his machinations. I’m through allowing him to run my life, to make choices for me out of guilt and loyalty.”

Guilt? What the hell did that mean?

Shoving the questions aside for the moment, he refocused on her. "I understand your anger, believe me, I do, but take a moment and think this through before you make a mistake you can't take back. This decision will cost you your inheritance. It could damage your relationship with your parents. Is this rebellion worth that? Because you're not in…" He couldn't finish that sentence. Couldn't fathom it.

"No, Zeke, I'm not in love with you," she assured him, and he exhaled a heavy breath. Even as an unidentifiable emotion twisted in his chest. "And maybe this is a little bit of rebellion on my part, but it's so much more. I'm taking control—of my choices, my mind, my life. I respect you, Zeke. But this isn't about you. It's about me. About finally becoming the woman I've been too afraid to own. So, from now on, I’m making my own decisions,” she continued. “And that includes you. I choose you, Zeke. And I want you to marry me.”

Jesus, did she know what a delicious temptation she was? How he’d fought following after her that evening he’d let her walk out of his house? That had required strength he hadn’t realized he possessed. Doing it a second time…

No, she might feel certain here in this office, but she was still upset. Could feel very differently in the morning, hell, hours from now. Maybe after they talked this out, she would see—

She rose on her toes and crushed her mouth to his.

Oh f*ck.

His control snapped.

Like a flash fire, the press of her lips to his poured gasoline over the lust that had been steadily simmering. He took possession of that sweet siren’s mouth, claiming it with a thrust of his tongue. Possessing it with a long, wet lick. Corrupting it with an erotic tangle and suck that left little to the imagination about what he wanted from her.

And he wanted it all. In this moment where the lines between platonic friendship and desire incinerated beneath his greedy mouth and her needy whimpers, he wanted everything she had to give him.

Wow! Another hot read from Naima Simone! With a marriage of convenience/forbidden romance between friends that turns into so much more, this was a quick, satisfying read!

Ezekiel Holloway was so perfect in so many ways! He’s smart, sexy, and so very sweet. Reagan was just a genuinely nice person who is trying to find her way and I loved watching her learn to stand up for herself and take charge of her life. Together these two not only could set the pages on fire, but they could melt your heart with their caring and concern for each other and those around them. They are both dealing with issues that have defined their outlook on love, and when the added burden of society and class expectations come into play, the have more than their share of challenges when it comes to being together - the biggest being Reagan’s father, also affectionately known as Douglas Stick-Up-His A$$ Sinclair.
“You deliberately went against my wishes and now you show up here for, what?” Douglas demanded, his voice quiet thunder. “For our blessing? Our forgiveness” Acceptance? Well, you have none of them.”

“No, not your blessing,” Ezekiel said evenly, but he didn’t bother hiding the steel or the warning in it. “And she nor I require forgiveness for a choice we made together as two consenting adults. Would your acceptance of our marriage be important to your daughter? Yes. But it’s not necessary.”
This is part of an ongoing series but can be read as a stand-alone - but now I am very curious to learn more about the scandal at Wingate Enterprises and some of the characters that have been introduced. The length of the book was fairly short, so it was a quick read, but Naima Simone does a great job adding emotion and heart into every page which allowed for just enough character development and plot development to keep me fully engaged throughout. And I can’t say enough about some of the dialogue that the author has created - Zeke was just so sweet and supportive and I loved so many of the things that he said throughout this book!

Another well-written story by Naima Simone that I would recommend!

Published since 2009, USA Today Bestselling author Naima Simone loves writing sizzling romances with heart, a touch of humor and snark. Her books have been featured in The Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly, and described as balancing "crackling, electric love scenes with exquisitely rendered characters caught in emotional turmoil.”  She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

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