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RomantiConn Author Spotlight - Brittany Taylor

Author Spotlight - Brittany Taylor

Today I am taking part in a blitz to spread the word RomantiConn and Brittany Taylor, one of the author's that will be at the signing on July 24, 2021! Read on to learn more about Brittany and get all the information about the RomantiConn event, including how to purchase tickets!

Brittany Taylor grew up all over the world including places such as California, England and Texas. Today she resides in Connecticut with her husband, son and two cats. She loves reading, but loves writing even more. Her favorite things in life are her family, binge watching Netflix, and tacos. 

Brittany Taylor has been obsessed with reading since kindergarten. She followed her lifelong dream in 2017 when she published her first novel, Without You. Ever since, she's been hooked and can't write the stories in her head fast enough. 

Facebook Reader Group: Brittany's Bookish Bombshells

Featured Books

Paper Hearts

Asher Owens. 
Gorgeous. Arrogant. Liar. 

It’s been ten years since Asher left me with nothing but the remains of our shattered dreams.  

The last place I expected to see him was at a small bar in a city of over eight million. 

With my heart set on expanding my business, I needed one of New York City’s best real estate executives. Little did I know it would be the same man who had torn my heart like a piece of paper before setting it on fire.  

Once my gaze lands on his, I know Asher is no longer the boy I loved when I was eighteen. No, this Asher treated me like a stranger. All for the sake of not wanting to sift through the ashes of our past.  

Yet Asher’s arrogance rivaled any sort of rejection, even mine. Using his own selfish ambition, he needed me to claw his way to the top. 

Despite his true motives, I had foolishly let him back in.  

I’d fallen in love with Asher Owens once before and this time I would try my best not to make the same mistake twice.

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See Through

Fame. I didn't ask for it and I didn't want it.

After nearly two years in the spotlight, I've learned that fame has a way of changing how the world sees you.
Somehow, my reputation had been tarnished and my manager was convinced a journalist was what I needed to show the world who I truly was.

But just like fame, I didn't ask for my story to be told. My secrets were secrets for a reason. Not even a journalist could dig deep enough to expose what I've fought so hard to protect.

Only this journalist isn't a stranger. She's the one woman I vowed to never see again. She's the one woman who saw me for who I really am.
And damn, if karma didn't have one twisted sense of humor.

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About RomantiConn

Kitty Berry Books, LLC. is excited to announce the 2nd RomantiConn author event coming on July 24, 2021! It’s a fun-filled event where authors and readers share their love of fangirling, book-boyfriends, and all things related to books and romance. RomantiConn offers a day to get away from the stress and spend time with friends

Come to one of the first post-Covid events in the small-town New England town of Trumbull that offers character and charm with local attractions. It is located about an hour from NYC, a short drive from Metro North Railroad, and offers easy on and off highway access. New York or Connecticut airports are easily accessible.

Raffle Basket proceeds will go to the Making Headway Foundation.

Door Prizes will be awarded!

Get your ticket through Eventbrite today…

General Admission (12-4pm) $25. This ticket will come with a tote bag (while supplies last) filled with book related goodies and swag from the signing authors, sponsors, and donating companies.

VIP All Access Pass Ticket (Signing 12-4pm & Cocktail Mingle 4:30-6:30pm): $70. This ticket will come with a tote bag (while supplies last) filled with book related goodies and swag from the signing authors, sponsors, and donating companies. It also includes your entry into the mingle from 4:30-6:30pm. Open bar and food stations will be available while you mingle with and get to know your favorite RomantiConn authors.

Unicorn Ticket (11am-12pm) $40. This ticket provides you with a one-hour lunch where you'll be able to sit and chat with your favorite authors from the event in a low-key, informal setting prior to the event. You'll have your choice between three sandwiches (veggie, turkey, beef), a drink, chips, and a salad. It also comes with a cookie!

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