Friday, April 30, 2021

The Restless Cowboy by Megan Ryder - New Release

The Restless Cowboy
by Megan Ryder
Series: Granite Junction, #2
Genre: Small Town Western Romance
Release Date: April 27, 2021

Free—from family, duty, and responsibility. 

Cam Miller has spent most of his life bound by choices others made for him. He did what had to be done to provide for his little sister, and he doesn’t regret that. But now, with her off to college, he can finally put ranching behind him and pursue the life he’s always dreamed of... far from Granite Junction. But after one night of passion comes back to haunt him, he fears his hard-won freedom is only temporary . . . 

Independent—from family, relationships, and matters of the heart.

Molly Brennan was living her best life as a rodeo trick rider until a failed marriage forced her from the arena. Now she’s perfectly fine running her own hair salon and raising her daughter solo. She doesn’t need a man, but what could it hurt to indulge in a little no-strings fun with a sexy cowboy? 

When Molly realizes she’s pregnant, she pulls herself up by her bootstraps. She's handled things this far on her own and she can do it again, although she’s finding it isn’t so easy to let Cam go. But Cam’s not the kind of man who shirks responsibility. Finding himself torn between a woman who feels like home and his need to break free, where will Cam’s heart lead him?

“You spoil me, Cam Miller. Thank you.” And she brushed her lips across his, once, twice, then lingered for the third time, enjoying the way his mouth tasted against hers.

He pulled her against him and rested his forehead against her. “You’re the one who deserves everything, Molly.”

Now she understood why women in her romance novels swooned. Because they had men like Cam saying amazing things like that to them. Damn, it was no wonder she feared that she was falling in love with him. Only what would happen when reality intruded, because it always did. Life always had a way of grounding her, reminding her that true love, romance, and all of those emotions never lasted. Real life was a hell of a lot harder and few people had the staying power, especially when they had so much pulling at them, as she and Cam did. But snuggled next to him, she could almost believe they had a chance, that if they tried and wanted it bad enough, they could overcome the odds.

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Ever since Megan Ryder discovered Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught while sneaking around the “forbidden” romance section of the library one day after school, she has been voraciously devouring romance novels of all types. Now a romance author in her own right, Megan pens sexy contemporary novels all about family and hot lovin’ with the boy next door. She lives in Connecticut, spending her days as a technical writer and her spare time divided between her addiction to knitting and reading.

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