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Sneak Peek + Giveaway - Scorch by K.C. Stewart

by K.C. Stewart
Series: Hailey Holloway, #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: January 5, 2015

Hailey Holloway has a serious knack with running from her problems. At the first sign of trouble she can be found lacing up her Nikes and hitting the road. Dacea has been patient with her, but a man can only handle so much. He told her before that he would not chase after her again and is he nothing, if not a man of his word. Katherine is more than happy to pick at the wound that festers between them. If she picks enough, she just might make one or both of them bleed.

War is on the horizon. Together, they need to convince the leaders of Blue and Silver to join their crusade against the Council, but can they put their differences aside and stop fighting long enough to help those in the line of fire?

Miss. Charlotte Morgan's apartment was only one block ahead.

He didn't need any more information on her. The pictures were more than enough for Lou to start talking. But she was a puzzle and Silas enjoyed a good mystery from time to time. He parked in the middle of the block outside of a pizza shop.

"Oh look, it's lunch time," he grinned. From the table in the front he'd be able to see the windows of her place. The car stood out in this neighborhood. Already he had a few gawkers. Silas exited the car, walking right past a small group of teenagers with thoughts of theft in their shiny little eyes.

He stopped, glancing back to the trio; all but one was looking at the car, those pubescent eyes were locked on him. Silas turned back and decided to give a little helpful shove along.

He met the boy's eyes with a smirk. "Like what you see?" he asked scaring the crap out of all of them.

"What gives? We're just lookin'," one of them said.

"Hmmm looking leads to touching," Silas took a few lazy steps forward letting his fingers glide across the glossy finish of the car. "Touching leads to fucking. As in, you touch her and I'll fuck you over so bad that you'll never handle anything again but your own undersized dicks."

Two of the three had gotten the message. The one fucker left merely shrugged his shoulders. "You're just some suit on an ego trip because of some fancy ride."

Silas really shouldn't kill this close to Christmas. It was tacky. So instead of choking the life out of him, he laughed.

"Someone has some big balls," The laughter faded as he took a few steps into the kid's face. Silas had inches on him. "I may just be a suit on an ego trip but if you touch my fancy ride I will skin those big balls of yours one thin layer at a time while you beg for my mercy." His eyes had changed. Long thin pupils now looked down upon the kid.

He blinked. Swallowed hard, and blinked again.

"Dude, let's just go." Someone began tugging on the kid's sleeve but he didn't look away. Whether it was out of fear or stupidity, Silas didn't know nor did her care for that matter. He was having fun.

Finally the two weaker of the three had tugged enough to break the contact. Silas freed him of the stare and stepped back a respectable distance. The boys were already off running. "Did you see his eyes?" the one asked as they turned the corner.

"That was fun," he said to himself. When he looked up he caught sight of a few people who had stopped to enjoy the show. One of which was Charlotte. She stood nestled amongst of group who had gathered across the street. Hers was the only face void of any emotion. He watched her and she him, each trying to figure the other out. As the crowd began to dissipate she broke the connection. In the last second before she walked away he had seen pure, undiluted hatred.

Who was this woman? he wondered.

Start the Hailey Holloway Series!

Book 1: Spark
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Book 2: Singe
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K.C. Stewart lives in central Pennsylvania with her three cats. She is currently attending college online for Library Science while working full time as a photographer. In her spare time, which isn't easy to find, she reads an obnoxious amount and writes in between everything else. K.C. has a very real addiction to gummy bears and talking to her cats when no one is around.

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