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JamieLynn Boothe - Guest Post

Today I'm thrilled to have author JamieLynn Boothe on the blog. I asked JamieLynn to talk about why having a strong heroine is so important and also about the journey to becoming an author.

Thanks for being here today JamieLynn! So what do you think?

In my opinion the importance of a strong heroine is to show the world how powerful women are. Not only are women owners of beautiful spirits and souls, but have amazingly strong wills. In Nightmares and Dreams I wanted to show how strong Christy was by overcoming odds that would stagger most people. That would be horrifying and extreme odds, but somehow she had love for her partner so powerful that she found the inner strength to do what was needed to be done in order to survive. This is s story of a woman who faced death head on and her nightmares that became reality.

My journey in becoming an author? Well, I have to say it started when I kept getting grounded growing up. I read a lot and wanted to create worlds of my own. Now as an adult I write about not only love, passion and suspense, but also about certain things that real people face everyday. I wrote Nightmares and Dreams three years ago as I lived in a community atmosphere with nine other men. It wasn't easy, but I was driven and determined. I originally self-published it, but it didn't do as well as I would have liked. Now I am with Beau Coup Publishing with higher hopes for it. I have also written the sequel to it, Dark Moments and Silver Linings and I am now working on the third book of the trilogy as well as other projects.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, JamieLynn, and sharing your thoughts with us! And I hear you about the getting grounded growing up...let's just say I was no stranger to spending some time in my room with a good book!

JamieLynn Boothe is from the south and will always be a southerner at heart. He currently lives in Connecticut. He loves art, cooking, cats, reading and writing, movies and listening to music and enjoys spending time with friends. He is a published author with Beau Coup Publishing and currently has several novels in the works. JamieLynn is currently single.

Books by JamieLynn Boothe

The Journey

Samantha Jenson is trapped in a world like so many others; a world full of fear and death. A world where the disease of addiction has an iron grasp on her life and controls her soul so powerfully even the strongest of men would cower down on his knees and beg for mercy. A world where she struggles to escape and tries to live at least somewhat of a normal life.

Here is the story of a young woman, deeply addicted to the drug called “Intimacy”. Her life has been a disaster because of her addictions through the years but this particular drug is her master. Samantha has lost everything but most importantly her desire to live.

Can Samantha escape the talons her demons have on her? Can Samantha regain control of her life and tear down the walls of despair? Will she regain hope, her desire to live and her family? Travel with her on her journey and see what happens in her world. You just might be able to relate.

Buy the Book:  Amazon

Nightmares and Dreams

Nightmares of being raped as a teenager have haunted Christy for years. She’s tried to run and hide from them to no avail. Over the years pain has taken its toll, until she finally has enough and moves back to her hometown of Moneta, Virginia to be with the woman she loves. After being away for six years, facing her fears and being in Heather’s arms again gives her hope for a normal life.

Once she realizes that running away doesn’t really solve everything, Christy deals with the mental fears as well, seeking professional help. Everything begins to fall into place. Christy is with Heather and doing what she loves most, teaching.

Christy has reasons to smile again…until a horrendous hate crime is committed which specifically targets homosexuals. The roller coaster ride that Christy and Heather will unwillingly have to experience will be like nothing they have ever encountered before.

Men, who are nothing short of monsters continue their rage by kidnapping Christy and taking her off into the hills. Being held captive in an old hunting cabin, her earlier nightmares dwindle in comparison to what she has to endure. Christy is faced with a life or death situation. With her fears becoming reality, can Christy overcome the odds stacked against her, or will the monsters kill her before she can return to Heather’s loving embrace?

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Dark Moments and Silver Linings

Tracy had moved to Provincetown with Christy and Heather to start a new life for herself. She lived in a new town, away from all of the nightmares of her past, or so she thought. She painfully realized that running away from her past would not free her from it. Because of her nightmares and fears and a strong suggestion from her therapist, she had to return home to Moneta, Virginia.

Once home, and with the help of Brad Washburn, she had to deal with more than her fears. She had to face and deal with her feelings for Brad, the man who had saved her life two years ago. Having become close friends, both Tracy and Brad had begun to have deep feelings for one another, but never revealed them. With her staying with him under his roof for the two weeks she was home, all of that changed.

Passion rose and love flew as their time together became hotter than a furnace. Can Tracy fight her fears and demons and handle her feelings for the man who saved her from death? Can she deal with the consequences of their lust and love? Will Brad be there for her until the end or will he be like her insecurities want her to believe? Will there be more dark moments or will there be silver linings?

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