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Touching the Boss by Mallory Crowe @croweink - New Release and Giveaway @RockStarPRLC

Touching the Boss
by Mallory Crowe
Series: Billionaires in the City, #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2015

He's tall.
He's sexy.
He's a criminal.
And he's her boss.

Lacking enough evidence to go the police and not enough money in her bank account to quit on a moral basis, Lori Briggs is stuck, and it's quite clear that her boss, the criminal mastermind, intends to start mixing business with pleasure.

Michael Devereaux will do anything to protect his family's interests--even if it means posing as a criminal for an undercover FBI operation. He's got to keep Lori close, and his enemies closer. But when the intimacy with Lori deepens, Michael must decide what's more important: his family or his heart?

     “You son of a bitch,” said a familiar female voice. “What did you get me into?”
     “Lori Briggs?”
     “Hunter just showed up at my apartment, thanks to you. I don’t like random guys knowing where I live. How would you like it if I blasted your address to anyone who wanted it?”
     He sat up straighter and rubbed his temple. “I didn’t give him any of your information.”
     “I know that! But they wouldn’t even know who I am if it weren’t for you! This is all your fault.”
     “Hunter came to your apartment and threatened you?”
     “Not exactly...but that’s not the point.”
     He clenched his jaw. He knew her point. Hell, he probably got her need for privacy more than most. Thanks to his high profile in the city, his cell number and address were things that very few people knew. Which brought up the question... “How did you get my number?”
     “Oh, you have no idea how much I could find out about you if I really wanted to. All I need is some Wi-Fi and a computer.”
     “Hold on. Don’t do anything rash.” The last thing he needed was some crazy woman who knew her way around firewalls with a vendetta against him. Funny, since he hadn’t gotten the crazy vibe from Lori. She’d seemed more innocent and freaked out by what he was asking her to do.
     “Rash like accepting a job offer from an international crime syndicate? Or rash like setting up a dating profile for you with your private cell number and address listed?”
     Mother fucker. “Are you serious?”
     “So it is an international crime syndicate? I was taking a shot in the dark there...”
     “No, it’s not an intern—” He cursed under his breath. This wasn’t going anywhere. “Where are you? This would be better discussed in person.”
     “So you can threaten me again?”
     “So I can talk some sense into you. I can explain everything that happened today.”
     There was a pause on the line. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
     Michael was already up and grabbing his keys and wallet from the table in the foyer and heading out the door. “Where are you? I’m already on my way.”
     “You can’t come here. I’m in my pajamas.”
     He frowned. “I’m sure you’ll have time to change.”
     “But I’m not home.”
     She was in pajamas and not home? “Are you at your boyfriend’s place?”
     She snorted through the phone. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”
     A rush of satisfaction shot through him at her admission, but he didn’t let himself dwell on the unexpected feeling. “I’m officially confused.”
     “It doesn’t matter. You’re not coming here.”
     “Fine. You can come to me then. You know my address already, right?”
     “I can’t go to your place like this! I know that building! The doorman will laugh me right out of the lobby!”
     He rolled his eyes. Why was this so difficult? “The doormen are paid lots of money to not laugh at anyone. Just come over and we can sort this all out. I’ll pay your cab fare.”
     “I’m not meeting you alone somewhere. You could kill me.”
     Michael paced in front of the elevator, still not sure whether he was leaving or not. “I promise I’m not going to kill you.”
     “That sounds like something a murderer would say.”
     And now he had the sudden urge to hit a wall. “Lori! There will be at least three people who see you coming into the building. You’ll be safe.” There was another pause and Michael held his breath. Was he finally getting through to her?
     “Okay, but you better not judge me for wearing pajamas over.”
     This woman couldn’t be serious. “This is a joke, right? Is Luke behind this?”
     “Do I sound like I’m laughing?”
     “Just...get over here.”

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Mallory Crowe has lived in Michigan her whole life and has been in love with romance ever since she’d skip to the end of every novel, just to make sure the hero and heroine survived and ended up together. She lives with her husband and three dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s spending too much time in front of the TV, hiking, or working with various animal rescues.

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