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Nico by Evan Grace @Evan76Grace - Cover Reveal and Giveaway @EJBookPromos

by Evan Grace
Series: Heartbreaker, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2015

Jill Swanson has loved Nico Bianchi since she was eighteen, but how much heartbreak can one woman take before she’s utterly broken?
After a tough year and half Jill’s main focus is on raising her infant daughter and doing the best that she can with her situation. When a call from Nico’s mother sends Jill and her daughter to Perugia, Umbria. Jill’s faced with the one man that shattered her heart and left her a changed woman.

She didn’t expect to still have feelings for him but now her main focus was being there for his mom and letting him get to know his child.
Nico Bianchi spent ten years sabotaging his own happiness out of fear that history would have a way of repeating itself.
Now sober and healthier than ever he’s ready to fight for his family. But just when he’s finally gotten through to Jill, ghosts from the past reappear and test his sobriety, threatening to ruin his new life. If he sabotages things again he knows, he will lose his family for good this time.
Are soul-mates destined to be together?

Jill wants more than anything to believe that she and her daughter are finally going to get their happily ever after. But with Nico’s past coming back to haunt him, she come face to face with the reality that no matter how strong her love is for him, it might not be strong enough…and she may just lose him forever.

Will Nico finally rid himself of the demons that haunt him once and for all?
Or will Jill have to walk away to protect herself…and their child?

The elevator opens and we step off onto the unit. They direct us to her room and when we reach it I take a deep breath and follow behind Gabe and Jasmine. Jill is lying in the hospital bed with a bandage above her eyebrow and a bandage over her nose. She’s got straps wrapped around her stomach and I hear the steady beat of our daughter’s heartbeat. Guilt and self-loathing fill me as I sit and stare at the woman I love and who I continue to hurt, over and over again.

We all sit in silence while Jill lies here sleeping. The doctor had given her pain medicine while she was downstairs and said that she’d be out for a while. With a shaky hand I reach out and place it on Jill’s belly. I feel a thump against my hand. At first I’m not sure I even really felt anything, but then I feel it again and again. I feel something inside my chest snap and the tears begin to flow.

I could’ve lost them both today all because my addictions have taken over my life. I’ve fallen so far down the hole that I’m afraid there is no hope for me. I feel a hand on my shoulder and look up at Gabe. There is no anger in his eyes just concern. I look back down at Jill’s sleeping form and know what I need to do.

“Brother, I need your help.” My voice is low and broken.

Gabe squats down next to me. “Whatever you need. You know that.”

“I know. Can you help me get into rehab? I need to go, now.” There’s no way I can do this alone.

“Okay, let me make some calls.” He slaps me on the back, kisses his girlfriend and steps out of the room.

“You’re doing a brave thing.” I turn to Jasmine who is sitting in the corner.

“I should’ve done this a while ago. I’m afraid it’s too late.” As soon as I say it my daughter kicks my hand.

Start the Series:

Book 1: Gabe
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A Midwesterner and self-proclaimed nerd, Evan has been an avid reader most of her life, but five years ago got bit by the writing bug, and it quickly became her addiction, passion and therapy. When the voices in her head give it a rest, she can always be found with her e-reader in her hand. Some of her favorites include, Shayla Black, Jaci Burton, Madeline Sheehan and Jamie Mcguire. Evan finds a lot of her inspiration in music, so if you see her wearing her headphones you know she means business and is in the zone.

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