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Review - The Rebel by Adrienne Giordano

The Rebel
by Adrienne Giordano
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 1, 2015

Bad to the bone…in all the right ways 

A brilliant civil lawyer, David Hennings has always been the outsider—at odds with his wealthy family, shunning relationships, defying convention as a sexy leather-jacketed biker. Which is why sculptor Amanda LeBlanc agrees to his request to reconstruct a skull from a cold case murder. The instant heat between them is scorching.

But once Amanda takes the job and gets too close to the rebellious attorney, her carefully balanced life is upended by a series of methodical attacks. Someone doesn't want her to finish the job. Now David will risk everything not to lose the woman he unknowingly put in jeopardy.

Another great romantic suspense by Adrienne Giordano! I loved the characters and the mystery, and I really loved getting to know the Hennings family a little bit better!

I just loved David. He was pretty much a straight shooter, knew what he wanted, and didn’t like to play games. He’s returned home to try and rebuild his relationship with his family, especially the very strained relationship he has with his sister. And being the good son, when his mother asks him for help he can’t say no…which leads him to Amanda LeBlanc’s doorstep and neck deep in trouble.

Amanda LeBlanc was such an interesting character. She’s carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that has her living her life in a safe zone – no highs, no lows, just middle of the road. When David Hennings enters her life her safe zone is quickly at risk by her emotional and physical response to him. And when her life is quickly turned upside down by someone who doesn’t want her to complete her forensic work on the cold case she agrees to work on, her safe zone is all but obliterated…good things she finds a new safe zone in David’s arms…but can she count on him not to hurt her?

David and Amanda were just perfect for each other. He likes to live more on the edge, isn’t afraid to take chances, and knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Amanda needs someone like David to help her break out of her safe zone and begin living her life – and let go of some of the fear she holds.
“You’re careful. I get it.”


“If you never took a chance on anyone or anything, what fun is that? Are you going to live your life in neutral?”


“I like being around you. Why can’t we let things roll? See where it goes?”

“Because then I’d have to trust that you won’t break my heart. That the highs won’t be too high and the lows too low.”

Again he ran his fingers under her chin, this time tipping her head back. “Your theory is if you go through life without heartbreak you won’t suffer the lows. What about never having the highs, either? If you ask me, going through life in neutral kinda stinks.”
I loved that Amanda wasn’t afraid to stand up to David though, especially when she felt he was trying to take over – she wasn’t afraid to push back and let him know she still needed to be in control of her life. The attraction between the two sparked from their first conversation on the phone, and you could feel the tension build between them.

It was great to catch up with many of the characters from the previous book in this connected series (the books can all be read as stand alones, so no worries if you haven’t had a chance to read the other books yet…but they are all great, so I would recommend you grab them and read them as well!) I really loved Mrs. Hennings – even though she could be a bit manipulative at times…but when you live in a house full of litigators I’m sure that manipulation is a necessary skill! Getting a behind the scenes peek at the Jennings household was fun, and it was interesting watching all the family members interact.

This is a quick read with a well-developed plot and characters that has the right balance between the romance and the suspense. I would highly recommend this book to any lover of romantic suspense, mystery, and/or action.

I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

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