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Damage by Casey Clipper @cclipper2 - New Release and Giveaway @MoBPromos

by Casey Clipper
Series: The Men of Law, #2
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: November 12, 2016

Detective Dean Rooney has seen his fair share of tragedy, including in his own life. His days and nights are haunted by the nightmare that forever changed his world. He has nothing but his job and his LEO buddies, and even they can’t comprehend the deep hole that eats away at his soul. But one case throws his daily survival into a tizzy. One case that drums up feelings he never expected to experience again. One case that he needs to solve quickly, before tragedy strikes again.

Josie Conley has no idea who tried to kill her. She has no enemies, is a successful business owner, and works hard to give herself a good life. While trying to deal with the reality that someone wants her dead, she doesn’t have time to fall in love with a handsome detective. But fate doesn’t take into consideration what a person wants.

Can Josie and Dean find peace with each other? Can Dean find the person who tried to kill Josie before they strike again? Or will a sinister plot damage destiny’s plot of a second chance at life?

     Detective Dean Rooney held the bloody palm of the unconscious raven-haired woman.
     “Stay with me,” he whispered, his voice cracking. A vivid memory threatened to invade him. He slammed the door shut. Now was not the time for that nightmare to present itself.
     He glared up at the EMTs, who were taking far too long to work on the woman whose life hung by a thread. Her skin was losing its pink hue, her warmth leaving her hand.
     “When are you getting her on the road?” he snapped.
     A young man glanced up from the wide knife wound in the woman’s stomach he was trying to pack, to stop the loss of anymore blood. Another man’s eyes slid up from the blood pressure cuff he was using. “Her pressure is too low. We need to get her to the hospital.”
     “I’m almost finished,” the first paramedic said, laser focused on his task.
     Dean hadn’t expected to come upon the victim when he’d been called away from his best friend’s wedding. His crisp white button down Oxford now soaked in her blood.
     “Two minutes max,” the second man said, placing a stethoscope against her chest. “Her heart rate is slowing.”
     The first EMT finished placing the packing gauze inside the wound, stood and tossed his bag to the driver, who rushed out to the vehicle. Another paramedic lowered the waiting gurney, ready to transfer her from the blood soaked floor.
     Dean brushed the victim’s hair back, away from her face. The pain she must be suffering lanced him.
     Suddenly the woman’s eyes flipped open, a choked gasp burbling up from her throat.
     Dean leaned over so she would see only him. Jade eyes, lined with dark lashes, filled with fear gazed back at him.
     “You’re going to be okay,” he said, unsure of the words. She was in dire shape. Too much blood for one person to lose painted the scene like a horror movie. Blood on the walls, the sofa, the coffee table, drenched into the beige carpet, and covering the victim said her attacker meant to kill her, not just maim. He needed to know who did this to her. Could she give him the name of the person from her death bed? He had to try. “Do you know who hurt you?”
     Her lids blinked closed slowly. He was losing her.
     “Get her to the hospital!” His own blood boiled with anger at the seemingly lack of urgency around him. Did they not understand the critical condition of the victim? A woman laid on the floor of her living room, dying in his grasp. He’d been first-hand witness to this before, except a few minutes too late. He did not want to go through this again.
     Her eyes came open, the green rapidly fading. A slow hiss came from her dried lips.
     “Josie,” he said, gripping her hand tighter. “You need to stay strong. You need to stay alive. Stay alive for me, Josie. Fight for me.”
     A tear rolled out the side of her eye, her shaky hand lifting, touching his face. Her limb dropped to the floor, her eyes closing, giving into the pain.

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Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Contemporary Romantic Suspense Author Casey Clipper is from Pittsburgh, PA. She's a noted sports fanatic, chocolate addict, and has a slight obsession with penguins. Like you, she's an avid romance reader and loves to lose herself in a good book. Casey is an active member of the Romance Writers of America, Contemporary Romance Writers, Three Rivers Romance Writers, Kiss of Death, and ASMSG. Casey is the recipient of the 2015 JABBIC HBARWA Contemporary Romance Short Readers’ Choice Award.

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