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Deadly Attraction by Misty Evans @ReadMistyEvans - Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway

Deadly Attraction
by Misty Evans
Series: Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce, #4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 5, 2016

***Part of the proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Fans who know me know I’m a huge dog lover and I love to support shelters. Please check out RDRNYC’s Facebook page and consider adopting a dog or sending in your own donation! 

A wildfire out of control…

His twin brother is dead and the only way National Intelligence officer, Mitch Holden, is going to make it through the holidays is by staying focused on his latest SCVC Taskforce investigation—catching a homegrown terrorist with a penchant for arson. The terrorist has started a wildfire eating up thousands of acres of forest and putting dozens of people in danger. When Mitch is pulled off that assignment to play bodyguard to a sexy forensic psychologist who sees past all his defenses, he ends up in the middle of a personal wildfire that’s as out of control as the one burning around the two of them.

A killer on the loose…

The trial that should have made her career cost Dr. Emma Collins everything—her home, her future, the baby that was growing inside her after she testified against famous actor Chris Goodsman, debunking his insanity defense and sending him to prison for murder. Rebuilding her life in the aftermath, Emma now rescues horses, dogs, and juvenile delinquents, and there’s no way she’s heading to a safe house because Chris Goodsman has escaped. She refuses to let anyone terrorize her or destroy her life again. But when a smart-talking, irresistible federal agent shows up insisting he has to protect her, she realizes her new bodyguard needs a bit of therapy. Good thing taking in lost causes happens to be her specialty.

Two people filled with grief may get burned…

Trapped at the ranch by the wildfire, Mitch and Emma explore a searing attraction, but soon discover they’re not alone. A killer has joined them—one who will do anything to get revenge and isn’t afraid to take out anyone who gets in his way.

The woman who answered the door wasn’t at all what Mitch expected.

Her brown hair was forced into a clip on top of her head, a couple pieces of hay sticking out of it and random strands stuck to her neck. Her face was devoid of makeup and sporting a healthy smear of dirt on her cheek. She clutched the edges of a worn plaid robe close to her neck, her short fingernails showing traces of caked mud. Beneath the hem of the robe stretched sexy bare legs, slender ankles, and Barbie-pink toenails.

Mitch fought to take his eyes off her shapely calves and bring them back up to her face. “Is Dr. Collins home?”

The porch light gave her face a subtle yellow glow. He couldn’t be sure about the color of her eyes. They looked brown one moment, then flashed a hint of green the next as she glanced behind him as if she expected the boogeyman to be in the shadows.

Maybe she did.

“I’m Dr. Collins. What is this about?”

“You’re Emma Collins?”

Those eyes of hers flashed again, but she replied evenly. “Dr. Emma Collins, yes. And you are?”
Damn. Definitely not what he expected a forensic psychologist to look like. Shouldn’t she be…older? More buttoned-up with a bun and glasses?

Maybe that was just his librarian fantasy getting in the way.

Mitch flashed his ID and she glanced at it. “Agent Mitch Holden. National Intelligence.
Currently on loan to the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce. May I come in?”

She was a good six inches shorter than him, her focus swinging up to return to his face. “I’m not in the habit of letting strange men into my house, Agent Holden, so no, you may not. Not until you tell me what this is about.”

Brown. Her eyes were definitely brown with specks of green in them. The specks caught the light like a cat’s eyes.

Get it together, Holden. Quit analyzing the woman’s eyes and get down to business. “Chris Goodsman escaped a transport out of the Hills today.”

Her face blanched. “What?”

She obviously hadn’t heard the news yet. “Victor Dupé asked me to get you to a safe house. He’s been trying to reach you, but with the wildfires and all, landlines have been overloaded and some of the local cell towers aren’t working.”

The mention of Dupé seemed to wipe away her hesitation about letting a strange man into her house. She stepped back and motioned him in, her pretty eyes once more scanning the shadows over his shoulder.

Two Labs, one black and one white, rushed Mitch, sniffing and wagging their tails.

“Hope you’re not allergic,” Collins said, closing the door behind her.

“Nah.” Cold noses met his fingers. They, too, had a dirt on their faces and hay in their short coats. “My brother and I always had dogs growing up.”

Collins snapped her fingers and the Labs retreated, heads down, tails still wagging. They flanked her, one on each side like bodyguards. She absently petted their heads, the V of her robe falling open enough for him to see tan skin and freckles dancing across her collarbone. “How did Chris escape?”

Chris. Sounded funny for the doctor to refer to the actor—a man she’d labeled a sociopath—by his first name. “The transport van was run off the road. Goodsman escaped, the driver was killed, another guard’s in serious condition. I don’t know all the details, but I’m sure Dupé can fill you in when he meets us at the safe house.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Have you been drinking?”

Shit. “Not enough to affect my reasoning or judgment skills, Dr. Collins. I assure you, I can keep you safe.”

Pushing off the door, she headed for the kitchen, a brightly lit room off to his left. “I’ll make you some coffee.”

Coffee sounded good. The tone in her voice—like she was reprimanding a kid about skipping school or not washing behind his ears—didn’t. “I had two sips of whiskey, that’s all, before I got the call to come protect you.”

He found himself following her into the kitchen, his gaze drawn to her ass as she reached up to grab a bag of coffee from a rough pine cabinet. “The holidays are hard on all of us,” she said.
So now she was presuming to know he hated Christmas and the emotional shitstorm it brought on? Yeah, maybe he did feel that way, but it was still annoying that within two minutes, she seemed to see right through him.

One of the Labs nuzzled his fingertips. Gritting his teeth, Mitch did his usual trick when someone probed into his personal life—turned the tables on them. “How is it hard on you? Your boyfriend dump you right before Christmas or something?”

She paused in pouring water into the coffee maker, but her face was serene when she glanced over at him. “Touchy subject, I take it?”

Guilt over lashing out at her clawed its way into his chest. Jesus, what was wrong with him? He was here to get her to a safe house, nothing more. Then it was back to a few last hours of vacation filled with moping and a twelve pack. Mac could keep his scotch. “Yes, actually, it is.”
She nodded and finished pouring the water, hit the switch. “Sorry. I’m sure this isn’t what you had planned for your Saturday night.”

It wasn’t what she’d planned either. Once more, he chastised himself for being so defensive over nothing. For being rude. “Look, I appreciate the coffee and the chitchat, but you need to pack a bag so we can get out of here.”

“I’m going to shower and get dressed.” She walked by him toward the living room and the stairs. “Help yourself to the cookies in the Snoopy jar on the counter.”

She was halfway up the stairs when she turned back and caught him ogling her ass. That same serene look crossed her features before she motioned at the door. “There’s a shotgun above the door, locked and loaded. Just in case.”

Huh. Interesting. A handsome Remington rested on hooks over the front door exactly like she claimed. He also noticed for the first time that there wasn’t a Christmas decoration of any kind inside the house.

No menorah or kinara either.

Was she atheist or some other religion? Did she simply hate the holidays as much as he did?
He tipped his head at her. “Good to know.”

“FYI, I also have a couple of weapons upstairs.”

Was she warning him or letting him know she didn’t need his protection? Either way, he found it cute. “Do you know how to use them?”

One of her dainty eyebrows arched. “Better help yourself to that coffee, Agent Holden. I’ll be back shortly.”

“We really need to get on the road.”

“If Chris is coming after me, I’d rather not smell like a barn when I have to confront him.”
She did smell. “You have livestock?”

“Horses. My practice involves therapy animals. You ride?”

“Just motorcycles, ma’am.”

She glanced at his black boots. “A similar type of therapy I’m told. No motorcycle tonight, though, huh?”

He hadn’t trusted himself on his bike. Too tempting to flee town, just him and his demons, and ride like hell. “Not tonight.”

“Too bad.”

She disappeared up the stairs, the Labs on her heels, before he could ask why.

Another book by Misty Evans that pulls you in from the first page and doesn’t let you go until the end. With the backdrop of wildfires and a psycho from Emma’s past that has escaped prison and may be coming for her, Deadly Attraction has all the action and romance that I have come to expect from the author.

Both Mitch and Emma are a bit broken inside from events in their past. They have both thrown themselves into their work to help keep the past at bay, especially around the Christmas holidays. When Mitch is asked to check in on Emma on his way to investigate the wildfires, his simple task of getting the good doctor to a safe house turns into a protection assignment when Emma won’t leave her ranch – not just because she has animals to take care of, but because she refuses to be victimized by anyone again. These two definitely had sparks from the moment they first met, but what I think I enjoyed most was watching them try to figure each other out. Emma’s background as a forensic psychologist gives a natural play to her wanting to figure out what makes Mitch the man he is, but I really enjoyed watching Mitch turn the tables on Emma to find out more about her and her past. I also loved that these two realized just how broken they both were and recognized that sometimes the “broken” can’t be fixed, sometimes it just needs to be accepted, and that maybe together they could help with some of the healing.
She gave him a half-hearted smile. “You think we can save each other?”

His gaze dropped to her lips and she automatically parted them in anticipation. “Seems to me, doctor, that we either work on saving each other or we damn ourselves to another holiday of guilt and self-destruction.”

Could this damaged, heart-broken man help her heal her wounds? Her heart said something else. “Therapy only works for those who want it to,” she warned.

“And do you want it, Emma? Do you want me?”

How could she say no? He’d rekindled a fire inside her that had been cold and dark for two mind-numbing years. “Yes,” she breathed.
This suspense-filled plot is filled with some great twists and turns and also features some pretty colorful, and even bizarre characters. As with the other books in this series, Evans delivers a story that is a bit dark and edgy, so it works perfectly as the next installment. The bad guys are not just bad, they may be certifiable or perhaps genius, which helps keep you guessing at what is going to happen next and just who may be involved in the plot.

There weren’t many supporting characters in this one, but each character played a role in telling this story. I loved Emma’s ranch hand Will and his protectiveness of her and watching him fight some of his ghosts from his past. And of course the animals – from getting to watch the birth of Second Chance’s foal Hope, to Salt and Pepper, Emma’s two dogs, to all the other animals that made the ranch their home…just love those animals!

Once again I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a good mystery, psychological thriller, or suspense with a nice dash of romance thrown in.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published over twenty novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. As a writing coach, she helps other authors bring their books – and their dreams of being published – to life.

The books in her Super Agent series have won a CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Award, CAPA nominations, the New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2010 and the ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2011.

Her Witches Anonymous series was dubbed a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read. The Super Agent Series, Witches Anonymous Series, and the Kali Sweet Series have been on multiple Amazon Kindle bestsellers lists. Her culinary romantic mystery, THE SECRET INGREDIENT, and the first book in her Deadly series, DEADLY PURSUIT, are both USA TODAY bestsellers.

Misty likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with her husband, twin sons, and two spoiled puppies.

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