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Review - Hooked on a Phoenix by Ashlyn Chase

Hooked on a Phoenix
by Ashlyn Chase
Series: Phoenix Brothers, #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 6, 2018


Misty Carlisle works as a bank teller in Boston's financial district. She's had more rotten luck in her life than most, except when her childhood crush shows up to cash his paycheck. Then her heart races and her mouth goes dry.

Gabe Fierro is a firefighter—and a phoenix. Like his brothers, his biggest challenge is finding a woman open-minded enough to accept a shapeshifter into her life. When his boyhood friend asks him to watch over his little sister Misty, he reluctantly agrees. But when the bank where she works gets held up, Gabe does everything he can to protect her. The two of them end up locked in the bank's vault...where things get steamier than either of them ever imagined.

Best friend’s little sister is one of my favorite tropes, and while I loved many aspects of this book, I did find myself getting frustrated with the main characters at time.

I did like both Gabe and Misty individually, but when these two came together I did get frustrated at times. The whole time when they were stuck in the safe I just wanted to give Gabe a good shake and tell him to comfort Misty for goodness sake! He was so wrapped up in himself and what his actions might be perceived as he totally missed the boat – and for him to be the “sensitive” one of the brothers, nope, just didn’t see it! And I wish Misty was less “I wish he would call me to show me he cares” and more “I wish he would call me but I’ll be ok on my own”…she was independent and strong, I just wanted a bit more of that from her.

Even though I had some issues with both Gabe and Misty, there really was a lot to love. Gabe’s family – I’m such a sucker for the big, in-your-face family and the Fierro’s fit that bill. Gabe’s mother was perfect, as was his dad, and all his brother’s and their wives – this family reminded me of my own over-the-top, in-your-face, Italian family…such a good time! I loved the world that Ashlyn Chase has created and loved the mix of shapeshifters and the tie in to Mother Nature - Gaia was such a hoot! There were so many great elements in this book that I am definitely interested reading more from this author.
"Did I hear my name?"

Gabriella's jaw dropped. Gabe hadn't met the diety, bu Antonio had told all of his sons about her and when swore them to secrecy. Apparently, they'd all kept their vow and hadn't even told their mother.

Antonio bowed slightly. "It's good to see you again, Gaia. May I introduce you to my wife, Gabriella, and my son son Gabriel."

She smirked. "Ran out of names, did you? Or were you just not very creative?"

"He's named after my wife. We thought she deserved a namesake after birthing four boys."

"And yet you didn't stop there," the Goddess said.
A well-written, and easy to read book, although this one didn’t work on all fronts for me, there were so many things I did like that I would recommend this author, book, and/or series (or related-series) to anyone looking for a contemporary paranormal romance with some laughs and some great characters.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from NetGalley.

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