Monday, June 1, 2020

Ousted Princess by Tasha Lewis - New Release

Ousted Princess
by Tasha Lewis
Series: Modern Princess Collection, #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Release Date: June 1, 2020

After a humiliating end to her freshman year, Veronica Solis wants nothing more than to just focus on her studies and avoid her former friend and love her of life, Sean Courtright. 

Veronica was doing just fine on all accounts until her favorite professor asked her for a favor: tutor the boy who broke her heart, shattering it to a million pieces. 
If the request had come from anyone else, Veronica would have turned it down, but she couldn’t say no to her favorite person.
But she should have… Being cramped in the same room each day and their relationship slipping back into familiar patterns, Veronica begins to wonder if her heart and her head will ever get on the same page. Sean still makes her heart pound and her blood sizzle with want. 
When Sean raises the stakes and offers Veronica a bet she’s sure to lose, she must decide if this game of cat and mouse with the boy who broke her heart will destroy what’s left of it or give them a second chance at love. 

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Tasha Lewis is a romance author who grew up with her head in the clouds. Her passion for life has always kept her dreaming and moving forward. She believes in fate and is a true romantic at heart. Tasha is certain that anything can be solved with a good cup of coffee and a dog or two at your side. ​
When she isn't reading, which isn't often, she is usually working on a craft or three - she can never just stick with one. Join her on her journey of publication, crocheting, and any other craft she is working on.

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