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Review - Pirate's Persuasion by Lisa Kessler

Pirate's Persuasion
by Lisa Kessler
Series: Sentinels Of Savannah, #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2020

Immortal pirate Drake Cole has a reputation in Savannah for his custom woodworking and historical restorations, but his work has grown into an obsession. He's become a stranger to his crew since the Sea Dog sank in 1795. None of them know his painful secret. A young stowaway went down with the ship, one that Drake swore a blood oath to protect.

The ghost of a young boy, lost at sea over two hundred years ago, leads local medium, Heather Storrey right to Drake’s door. He saved her life before, and now she has a chance to return the favor, but how can she protect him from a curse that no one can see?

A dark coven possesses the figurehead from the Flying Dutchman, and if Heather and the immortal Sea Dog crew don't locate the relic soon, Drake may be lost to them forever. Heather has seen the passionate man behind the veil of guilt, and she's determined to free him from his self-imposed prison, and persuade this pirate to love again.

The perfect blend of mystery, intrigue, magic, and romance as another immortal pirate finds his match in Lisa Kessler’s Pirate’s Persuasion!

I just knew there was more to the story when it came to Drake and Heather and I love how Lisa Kessler continues to bring in new aspects of magic and the paranormal into this series. I loved how the mystery of Drake and Heather’s timeless connection unfolded and how that intertwined with Heather’s family gifts. These two seem to be destined to miss their chance again, but it was clear that they both were willing to give up everything for each other, even if that meant they might have to wait lifetimes again to find each other. And it warmed my heart to see Heather find a place where she fit in, not only with Drake, but with the entire Sea Dog crew.
“I mean, I’m different.” She shrugged, reaching for a yellowed envelope. “My whole life people have stared at me. Bullies in school called me a ghost and a freak.” She stole a glance up at him. “But you’ve never made it an issue.”
He knelt down beside her. “Because it’s not. You’re one of a kind in a world that mass produces everything.” He shook his head, his voice dropping to a gravelly whisper. “You’re beautiful, Heather.
As each book brings together a new couple it also introduces new twists and turns to the overall story arc. We get to find out more about Agent Bale, Department 51, and the DigiRobins. New characters are introduced to keep the story arc moving forward and set up the next stories in the series. We get to visit with old characters and learn more about how the current crew of the Sea Dog is faring.

Lisa Kessler has a way of creating characters that are easy to connect with and you can’t help but find yourself emotionally invested in. Her dialogue is always on point for each character and you can always count on some of the best and most romantic lines in each and every story. I am always amazed at how she is able to connect all the books in her series but makes each one easy to read as a stand-alone. And I’m really enjoying how she brings in the history of Savannah into each of her stories – which makes the immortal aspect of the pirates come to life.

This is one that should appeal to most everyone and belongs on any bookshelf!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the publisher from NetGalley.

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