Friday, June 12, 2020

Small Town, Big Secrets by Elsie Davis - New Release and Giveaway

Small Town, Big Secrets
by Elsie Davis
Series: Trinity River, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 8, 2020

To save her son, shy but determined waitress Becky McAllister would do just about anything. But she never expected “anything” to include the brother of the man who broke her heart.

Steve Parker needs a wife, now, if he has any hopes of winning his local DA election and becoming the advocate for the underserved he’s always dreamed of being. The sweet waitress seems like just the person—if he can get her to agree.

One year of marriage—no strings, no personal attachments. Becky gets the insurance funds she needs for her son’s 

surgery while Steve’s poll ratings soar. Neither planned on a commitment in their future, so they should have no problem making it through the year without getting emotionally involved, right?

Except Becky’s holding on to a secret from her past—one that would change everything.

Becky returned to his table to check on him, her smile and positive attitude firmly back in place. She was a true professional, completely able to separate personal things from business. “Is everything okay?” She placed his bill face-down on the table.

“Other than the fact you’re too busy and don’t have time to sit and chat, I’m good.” He winked.

“Oh…” Her brow wrinkled. “I didn’t think you were serious.”

“Dead serious. How else am I supposed to ask you to have lunch with me?”

“Now, I know you’re joking. Having fun at my expense.” She shook her head and frowned.

“No, I’m very serious. I’m only in town a few days and would love the chance to get to know you more.” It was the truth, shocking even himself, but true.

“Why? Big city slicker like you. I can’t imagine you’d want to take out a country mouse.”

“You’re far from being a country mouse, trust me. Give me ten minutes of your time to get to know me and then you can make a decision. No pressure. I’ll even buy you lunch, seeing as I’m partly responsible you didn’t get to eat yours.”

“I think I can handle that. I’m not against a free meal—just relationships,” she said, scrunching up her nose. “Let me see if I can get Katie to cover my customers for a few minutes and I’ll be back.”

She packed a lot of information in one small sentence. He was relieved to hear she wasn’t into relationships, because that certainly wasn’t what he was after, either. There was no place in his life for things like that. It made the two of them all the more a good match for a simple date, something to pass an evening away while in town.

Steve was pleased when she returned with a burger and fries and then slid into the booth seat across from him.

She sat down and took a bite of her burger, not at all shy about eating in front of him.

“Was that your sister I saw you talking to earlier?” Family was always a good place to start.

“Pretty observant of you. I wasn’t aware you were watching. But yes, that was my younger sister, Julia. She had big ideas of joining her friends at the soda shop down the street, another place you should try out while you’re in town. They have awesome banana splits, with a scoop of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream, all drizzled with pineapple and chocolate and strawberry sauce, and then topped with whipped cream and nuts. I’m craving it now just talking about them. I haven’t had one in forever.”

“Well, there you have it.” Steve leaned back, positive she’d just happened to give him his ticket to a date.

“Have what?”

“The answer to you saying yes. I’ll treat you to a banana split.” He grinned. “How non-relationship is that? Just two friends sharing dessert.”

“And when did we become friends?” Her grin took the edge off the words.

“I’m thinking it started right about the time you smashed into me with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” He chuckled, knowing he had her.

“Indeed.” She smiled. “So, what you do, Peanut Butter Man?”

“I’m an attorney.”

“Oh, good grief. No wonder you’re into details. Are you in town for any particular purpose? Are you handling a case for someone locally?” Becky leaned forward, her interest appearing genuine.

“Now who’s looking for details?” he teased. “But the simple answer to your question is no, I’m not handling a case. I’m just here checking out a few things.” It was more than he should have said, but he wouldn’t lie.

Elsie Davis discovered the world of Happily-Ever-After romance at the age of twelve when she began avidly reading Barbara Cartland, the Queen of Romance, and has been hooked ever since. After building her dream log home on top of a small mountain, she turned her attention to do what she loves most, writing. An award-winning author and active member of RWA, she writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She writes from her heart, hoping to share a little love in a big world. She will never forget the moment of exhilaration when she first got the email offering her a contract for publication. A moment that has repeated itself, and one that keeps her energized and moving forward.

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